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    UK stocks: continental divide

    Should one own UK stocks? The question may seem quaint. Look at the 15 biggest companies listed on the FTSE, from Shell to

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    Scots voted to preserve an ever more distant union

    This month, in a plebiscite on Catalan independence, four out of five voters opted to secede from Spain. The vote wasJohn McDermott

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    Tensions that sundered Thomas Cook plans

    Harriet Green is a meticulous planner. As Thomas Cook’s chief executive, she would expect to be briefed about a meeting 10Roger Blitz – Leisure Industries Correspondent

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    Euro-denominated cash funds gain from negative bank rates

    ...track the record-low lending rates set by the ECB. In response, growing numbers of investors seeking short-term security n what is widely regarded as a “haven” asset are having to buy longer-dated or lower quality bonds, according to fund...Christopher Thompson

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    Draghi needs support on QE in the eurozone

    When Mario Draghi announced two years ago he would do “whatever it takes” to save the euro, he must have known that some of

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    George Osborne rules out UK rise in duty on petrol

    George Osborne has ruled out an increase in the duty on petrol despite a sharp fall in the price of a barrel of oil,Jim Pickard, Chief Political Correspondent

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    Lower oil price could stoke US stock bubble

    Oil anchors world financial markets, and Opec has just decided to raise its anchor. The consequences could be profound, andJohn Authers

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    ‘Gentle’ EU tests fail to find truth on cars’ miles per gallon

    Only eight car models in the UK met their official fuel consumption figures when checked by a company that says a laxPilita Clark and Andy Sharman

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    Rolls-Royce slips as broker calls for break-up

    ...Stryker. “We see no urgency for Stryker to acquire S&N, with market share opportunities for grabs from pending Zimmer...other buyers,” said Morgan Stanley The broker reckoned S&N shares were worth about 957p on fundamentals. Among the gainers...Bryce Elder

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    Magnus Carlsen, an unlikely chess master

    At five years old – an age by which any aspiring grandmaster should at least have made a start – Magnus Carlsen showedAdam Thomson

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