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    Decades of North Sea tax tinkering leads to uncertainty

    Anxiety over oil and gas prices has replaced uncertainty over ownership of the North Sea’s remaining reserves following theMichael Kavanagh

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    Maersk chief warns over lossmaking rivals

    The chief executive of Maersk Line warned about the parlous state of the container shipping industry, saying the DanishRichard Milne in Copenhagen

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    Japan setback will not be the end of Abenomics

    Shinzo Abe wants to think of his premiership in terms of the three arrows he has wielded in the service of reflating Japan.

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    Hamilton takes Formula One title

    Abu Dhabi – Lewis Hamilton joined the elite ranks of double Formula One world champions on Sunday after a nerve-racking

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    Tunisians vote in first free presidential election

    Tunisians voted on Sunday in the country’s first free presidential election, the culmination of a turbulent democraticHeba Saleh in Cairo

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    Banking groups push Brussels to ditch overhaul of big lenders

    European banks are putting pressure on Brussels and Lord Hill, the EU’s financial services commissioner, to ditch plans toAlex Barker in Brussels

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    Radical left is right about Europe’s debt

    Let us assume that you share the global consensus view on what the eurozone should do right now. Specifically, you want toWolfgang Münchau

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    TV’s return to ‘Benefits Street’ derided as poverty tourism

    On hearing that Channel 4 begins showing another series of its Skint documentaries on Monday, this time filmed in Grimsby,Chris Tighe

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    Osborne pressed to reform taxes or see UK oil and gas decline

    Oil companies want George Osborne to make good his promise of tax reforms to encourage more investment in the North Sea orMichael Kavanagh

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    Shadow currency trade points to new Ukraine financial crisis

    A stone’s throw from this weekend’s candlelit vigils in Kiev marking a year since the start of the demonstrations thatRoman Olearchyk in Kiev and Neil Buckley in London

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