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    McDonald’s to raise wages for 90,000 US workers

    McDonald’s will raise the wages of roughly 90,000 employees in the US, as the struggling burger chain follows the likes ofNeil Munshi in Chicago

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    Californians told to cut water use by 25%

    California governor Jerry Brown on Wednesday ordered cities and towns in the drought-stricken state to cut their water usageSarah Mishkin in San Francisco

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    Yemen’s Houthi and Saleh rebels tighten grip on Aden

    Fighters from Yemen’s Zaydi Shia Houthi movement and military units loyal to former president Ali Abdullah Saleh moved toPeter Salisbury in New York and Erika Solomon in Beirut

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    Automation, jobs, and history

    Cardiff Garcia, US editor of FT Alphaville, explains why history offers little comfort about the future of the labour market5m 57secs

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    The Swiss financial centre still leads the world

    Sir, We were astonished to read (March 30) that Ahmed Ali al-Sayegh, the chairman of Abu Dhabi’s financial centre, has

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    Enduring lessons from one moment on a night in sporting history

    Sir, It was a pleasure to read Jurek Martin’s “A lifetime of drama from college days” (March 30). I too have the March

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    A toxic combination for economic policy

    Sir, Your editorial “Zero significance in the UK inflation milestone”, (March 27) ignores the impact of two critical

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    Message to Whitehall and Brussels should be similar

    Sir, On Monday, the Labour party took out an advertisement on your pages to warn of the economic impact of Brexit, quoting

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    Now take the children to the Beijing district courts

    Sir, I’m touched by Patti Waldmeir’s rose-tinted view of China’s lack of the independent rule of law (“Stop, look and listen

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    Obsolete view has left US with no sway at new bank

    Sir, The US administration’s decision not to join the new China-initiated Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank confirms that

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