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  1. beyondbrics



    Monetary policy divergence splits EM into two camps

    As Alan Beattie wrote recently, a clear divergence in monetary policy is polarising the emerging market (EM) universe. SomeJames Kynge

  2. NEW


    Focus shifts to visa exit checks

    After admitting the UK is unlikely to hit its targets on reducing immigration, the government is trying to salvage someElizabeth Rigby and Helen Warrell

  3. NEW


    Citi fined for lax equity analyst supervision

    Citigroup has paid a $15m fine for inadequately supervising equity analysts whose activities included hosting or attendingJonathan Guthrie in New York

  1. NEW


    Aviva must show Friends is more than just a round of sandwiches

    Aviva’s proposed tie-up with Friends Life smacks of those times when you pop out for a snack and return with a cheeseKate Burgess

  2. FT Photo Diary



    Eye Spy cleanup

    Alan Youngblood/The Ocala Star-Banner/AP Dr. Joe Wallace, right, uses a pressure washer to cut years of algae growth off theMarcus Cotton

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    Digital subscribers double at the Sun

    The Sun newspaper has doubled its number of digital subscribers to 225,000, but failed to offset a decline in its overallHenry Mance, Media Correspondent

  4. NEW


    EU populist parties call on Juncker to go

    Three of Europe’s largest populist parties have called on Jean-Claude Juncker to resign as president of the EuropeanPeter Spiegel in Brussels

  5. NEW


    Wall Street is back

    John Authers reports from New York on the remarkable rise of the US stock market. Traders are betting that the US economy8m 10secs

  6. NEW


    Clearing houses may face new capital rules

    The risk management houses that underpin derivatives markets may need to hold more capital to prevent a taxpayer bailout ifPhilip Stafford

  7. NEW


    S&N hits record high on bid hopes

    ...Nephew losing its independence. S&N hit a record high on Monday, up 4.4 per...tax inversions. JPMorgan Cazenove, S&N’s joint house broker, reckoned Stryker...of 30 per cent to 35 per cent over S&N’s undisturbed price with an offer one...Bryce Elder

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