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    RBS clutches adolescent P2P lending to its bosom, regardless of risk

    Peer-to-peer lending seems to be all grown up and ready to settle down. Lending Club, the world’s biggest such business, isBy Patrick Jenkins and Kate Burgess

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    BoE payments failure delays thousands of house purchase deals

    The failure of the Bank of England’s high-value payment system put thousands of housing market transactions on hold for muchKate Allen, Emma Dunkley and James Pickford

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    Facebook sues US law firms

    Facebook is suing US law firms alleging they knowingly represented a fraudster who claimed to be owed Facebook shares, in aHannah Kuchler in San Francisco

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    Banks must cut costs but remember what their customers want

    When Coutts decided late last year to stop giving leather-bound diaries to all its customers, there was uproar among itsBy Martin Arnold

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    Race is on for the fastest corporate jet – if it can get off the drawing board

    Graphics depicting a supersonic business jet hurtling through the heavens have graced air shows since the 1990s. But theseMichael Dempsey

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    Larger aeroplanes still dominate business skies

    Midsize jets are still losing out to larger jets, which are going to continue to dominate the business aviation market,Jane Wild

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    Anxious corporate aviation sector awaits upturn

    When the corporate aviation industry executives gather in Orlando for the National Business Aviation Association’s annualRobert Wright

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    Corporate aviation industry hopes next generation of aircraft will encourage sales

    It is far from obvious visiting General Electric’s sprawling Peebles test site that the work it is undertaking should giveRobert Wright

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    Consumer technologies bring step change to business travel

    Step on board your private jet and settle in your seat. Then, by tapping your watch, dim the lights and close the blinds.Jane Wild

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    Infrastructure and politics hamper private jet industry in China

    China’s business jet fleet is growing rapidly and the aviation industry sees great opportunity in the country. However,Cameron Dueck

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