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    As a national asset, LBG should be attracting the shareholders it deserves

    Sir, The UK government’s approach to the selldown of its majority stake in Lloyds Banking Group continues to puzzle

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    Renewables will go from strength to strength

    Sir, One can only agree with Pilita Clark that falling oil prices will not necessarily lead to the destruction of prospects

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    War in Afghanistan is not America’s longest

    Sir, With reference to your front-page headline “$1tn cost of longest US war hastens retreat from military intervention”

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    Pinchuk: ‘businessman and philanthropist’ does not tell the whole story

    Sir, You give space on the Comment pages to the Ukrainian oligarch Viktor Pinchuk, who argues that, given promised reforms,

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    Let’s think seriously about a Lazarus mission

    Sir, Professor Stephen Hawking’s warning on the rise of the machines should resound: going forward the chance of a disaster

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    TTIP figures quoted are pure speculation

    Sir, If, in their increasingly desperate attempts to revive the flagging prospects of a transatlantic trade deal (Letters,

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    Has PayPal any right to deprive me of my coffee?

    Sir, It is not just cigar-smokers who should be happy at the US detente with Cuba. Last week, just before the announcement,

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    Big Chocolate may be squeezing local exporters

    Sir, Emiko Terazono repeats the old story that “cocoa farmers are finding themselves increasingly squeezed” by Big Chocolate

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    Cuba has potential to be a big fish in Caribbean pond

    Sir, Barack Obama’s move to open diplomatic talks with Cuba deserves loud cheers from thinking people around the world.

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    Correction: FT graphic

    • In a graphic published on the Companies pages on December 19, the first column of figures measured the difference between the offer price and the opening trade, not the offer price and the latest trading price.

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