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    US politics: Eyes on the prize

    There was an element of ritual this week in the rush among jostling contenders for the 2016 Republican presidential

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    Show us what you’ve got

    This week the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, one of Britain’s most important art galleries, announced a new, £1m acquisition: aBy Bendor Grosvenor

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    The Slow Lane: Common censorship

    A couple of months ago, preparing a broadcast discussion on Schubert and Mahler, I was amazed to discover the extent ofBy Harry Eyres

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    The Fast Lane: The diode at the end of the tunnel

    There’s a fairly strong chance that most conversations in North America this weekend will be punctuated by groans andTyler Brûlé

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    The hope inside a box of delights

    In a café reading a Balzac novel while my daughter did some drawing at my side I had a strange feeling of well-being. My teaBy Susie Boyt

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    Kids’ clothes for women

    With winter fast approaching, I have started plotting a few key purchases for the season: a nubby Chanel-inspired cardiganRachel Felder

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    Oscar de la Renta: a study in tropical happiness

    When Oscar de la Renta died last week, the world became a less splashy place and is now much the poorer for it. Couture’sSimon Schama

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    Elsa Schiaparelli’s shock tactics

    If you have ever worn a reversible coat, shoes covered in fur or painted a wall shocking pink, you have benefited from theMeryle Secrest

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    New sportswear line Tracksmith on the right track

    I don’t know what it is about men – I can’t describe it: I just ‘get’ how to make things seem cool to them.” LukeLucie Greene

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    On the shores of Lake Peipsi: where time stands still

    Estonia’s Old Believers As wide as the sea, Lake Peipsi touches the imagination of all who see it. Straddling Russia to theBy Ian Thomson

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