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    ECB vice-president seeks to boost inflation

    A top European Central Bank official has insisted policy makers must do all they can to boost weak eurozone inflation, inClaire Jones in Frankfurt

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    SABMiller has large appetite for Africa’s soft drinks market

    SABMiller, the UK-based brewer, raised a Thanksgiving Day toast on Thursday to seal a deal that will make it Coca-Cola’sScheherazade Daneshkhu in London and Andrew England in Johannesburg

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    Germany acts to counter Russia’s Balkan designs

    Germany is stepping up its engagement in the Balkans amid concerns Russia is seeking to reassert itself beyond Ukraine andStefan Wagstyl – Berlin

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    Mitchell faces £3m bill after ‘Plebgate’ case thrown out

    Andrew Mitchell faces a legal bill of up to £3m after a judge threw out the “childish” claim by the Tory former ministerJim Pickard, Chief Political Correspondent

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    Europe Inc: Light amid the gloom

    The mood music from the eurozone has changed once more into a relentlessly minor key. Economists worry that the region isSarah Gordon

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    Sharpest sell-off in oil sector in three years on Opec decision

    Oil explorers suffered their sharpest sell-off in three years on Thursday in response to Opec’s decision not to cutBryce Elder

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    Uber forced to stop operating in Nevada

    Uber’s gamble that it could take on regulators and the entrenched taxi industry in Las Vegas has come up short. TheTim Bradshaw in San Francisco

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    Fear of immigration is no reason for Britain to leave Europe

    Can it make sense for the UK to leave the EU over its principle of free movement of people? The answer is: no. ImmigrationMartin Wolf

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    Industrial metals beat wider slump

    Miners have watched iron ore sink precipitously this year to a five-year low. That has been repeated for oil and coal, asBy Henry Sanderson

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    Could devolution deal actually save the UK?

    The Scottish devolution deal announced on Thursday poses a big unanswered question: will the UK’s greatest transfer ofMure Dickie in Edinburgh and George Parker in London

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