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    Records keep on spinning

    It is not just photography that is affected by the renewed enthusiasm for physical products. Music publishing has been

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    Dollar festive hangover to be shortlived

    Could the run-in to 2015 leave dollar bulls with a hangover after the US currency’s long, hard party during the currentMichael Hunter

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    Industry attacks proposal to make non-EU graduates leave UK

    Industry has attacked a proposal by Theresa May, home secretary, that students from outside the EU should leave the countryGeorge Parker, Political Editor

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    Princess Cristina of Spain faces tax fraud trial

    Princess Cristina, the sister of the King of Spain, is to stand trial on charges of tax fraud, the first member of the royalIan Mount in Barcelona

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    A year in a word: Inequality

    Inequality noun — a parlous state of unfairness to which solipsistic western societies are inexorably being dragged despiteAlan Beattie

  3. FT Photo Diary



    Waiting to cross the border

    A Palestinian boy, hoping to cross into Egypt with his family, stands behind a fence as he waits at the Rafah crossingAnnabel Cook

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    Sweden’s shoppers flock to discount metropolis Ullared

    Über-chic design, a minimalist aesthetic and an obsession with form over function. Think you know everything about theDavid Crouch in Ullared

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    Airbus delivers its Dreamliner competitor

    The battle between Airbus and Boeing for domination of the skies moved to new heights on Monday as the European aircraftPeggy Hollinger

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    China has all the gifts but no guilt at Christmas

    Christmas lost its soul in the west around the time that I stopped believing in Rudolf, and it’s been a source of angst forPatti Waldmeir — Shanghai

  7. FT Photo Diary



    Santa on his travels

    A man dressed as Santa Claus walks on the wall of the Old City in Jerusalem.   Annabel Cook

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