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    Make tech’s disrupters fix their own diversity problem

    Silicon Valley is in love with “disruption” — ideas and practices that subvert the established order. So here’s one: howHelen Lewis

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    Fiat Chrysler grilled over its recall record by US regulator

    Fiat Chrysler put its own customers and other drivers at risk by being too slow to notify drivers about faults and failingBarney Jopson in Washington and Robert Wright in New York

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    Robot-related deaths are rare, and becoming rarer

    The killing of a technician by an industrial robot at a Volkswagen plant in Germany sparked a social media storm this weekClive Cookson, Science Editor

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    The Riksbank reveals a strengthening resolve

    Sweden’s economy is one that most others would envy, with a trade surplus of Germanic proportions, GDP growing at a healthy

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    AstraZeneca rises on drug pipeline hopes

    AstraZeneca was among the gainers on Thursday after Berenberg said the market had grown too pessimistic about its oncologyBryce Elder

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    Amy — film review

    The title Chasing Amy is already taken. Otherwise, what a perfect shadow title for Asif Kapadia’s compelling documentaryNigel Andrews

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    Terminator Genisys — film review

    Arnie is back in Terminator Genisys. It’s good to see him lumber across screen again emitting sparks and clotted consonants.Nigel Andrews

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    Magician: The Astonishing Life and Work of Orson Welles — film review

    100 this year, Orson Welles is as voluble in death as in life. That’s cinema: dead men talk. In Magician: The AstonishingNigel Andrews

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    The First Film — film review

    The detective work in David Nicholas Wilkinson’s The First Film is amateur in the best, most shining sense. He loves hisNigel Andrews

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    Magic Mike XXL — film review

    Magic Mike XXL is so awful you want to strangle it. The first film had a cheeky wit, a cheesy allure and MatthewNigel Andrews

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