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    Violence spirals as Egypt’s army and militants clash in Sinai

    Ahmed Abudraa was on his way to visit relatives near the north Sinai town of Sheikh Zuwaid when he came across a checkpointBorzou Daragahi in Cairo

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    Providers warn over pension deadline

    Britain’s multibillion pound pension industry has warned it will be a challenge for providers to comply with new consumerJosephine Cumbo, Pensions Correspondent

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    Mopping up after the mess at Petrobras

    Petrobras represents the best and worst of Brazil. Its technical competence is renowned and it has vast deep sea reserves.

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    How Brookfield and QIA came out on top

    The view from Canary Wharf Group’s offices in One Canada Square — the first and tallest skyscraper in London’s Docklands —Kate Allen and Arash Massoudi

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    Democratising finance: How passive funds changed investing

    Democratising finance: Personal investing The process of bringing diversified, affordable investment products to the massesJudith Evans and Jonathan Eley

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    The radicals of Syriza endure a rocky start

    Any hopes that the new Syriza-led government in Greece would have a sedate and calming beginning were rapidly dispelled

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    Cadbury jobs to go in deal to save Bournville

    Fears for Birmingham‘s role as the UK’s capital of chocolate have melted away with a deal to secure the future of Cadbury’sJohn Murray Brown

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    Petrofac bounces on deepwater retreat talk

    Petrofac was a gainer on Friday amid speculation that the oil services company might abandon its $1bn move into deepwaterBryce Elder

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    Bulk commodity shipping rates fall sharply

    The Baltic Dry index has slumped to its lowest level in almost three decades, hit hard by falling commodity prices and glutJoel Lewin and Neil Hume

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    Ministers water down ‘final salary’ safeguards

    The government is to water down a proposed safeguard designed to protect workers giving up small final salary pensions toJosephine Cumbo, Pensions Correspondent

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