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    DoJ launches probe on high airline fares

    US airlines face potential fines and other legal sanctions over keeping fares high, after the justice department launched anRobert Wright in New York

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    Insurance M&A: Chubb-y premium

    Low interest rates should only be an ancillary factor in dealmaking. Meagre borrowing costs merely nudge the balance in

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    DOJ sues to block Electrolux $3.3bn bid for GE appliances

    Electrolux’s proposed $3.3bn acquisition of General Electric’s appliance business could become the latest deal to comePan Yuk in New York

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    Whitworth gallery wins UK’s biggest arts prize

    The Whitworth gallery in Manchester has won the UK’s biggest arts prize after attracting record numbers of visitorsJames Pickford

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    The past five days have been worse than all that has gone before

    Sir, Memory. No memory of life before the financial crisis; politics has dominated it ever since. But now I can hardly

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    The Greek economy is unlikely to benefit from further devaluation

    Sir, Martin Wolf offers an excellent analysis of how the Greek voter may feel about Sunday’s referendum (“How I would vote

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    At the end of 2014 Greece was turning the corner

    Sir, Martin Wolf, in “How I would vote on Sunday if I were Greek” (July 1), refers to a “huge depression” in Greece. That

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    Prescription has been tried and does not work

    Sir, Joseph Stiglitz and his fellow economists (Letters, June 30) fall prey to a simple conceit. What they are prescribing

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    Fusing of two high-level labour markets that few have noticed — yet

    Sir, Your plan (June 26) showing the Trans Pennine rail service running from Manchester to York is in error. It actually

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    Green economy and the next phase for Nigeria

    Sir, William Wallis’s excellent report on Nigeria’s soft power at work (“Prison project helps loosen grip of Boko Haram”,

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