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    Aga pension deficit doubles in 2014

    Aga Rangemaster saw its pension deficit more than double in 2014, despite reporting rising sales and operating profits asClaer Barrett

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    Uber hits brakes on S Korea ride-sharing service

    Uber has suspended its ride-sharing service in South Korea, bowing to pressure from authorities considering a ban on theSong Jung-a in Seoul 

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    RSA weighed down by past pension promises

    Royal Sun Alliance was once numbered among Britain’s biggest insurers. Property, pensions, liability, you name it, there wasNeil Collins

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    Premia in and outs

    Another way to look at the effect of quantitative easing from Citi, the movement in risk premiums: down for fixed income,Dan McCrum

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    US corporate profits set for second straight quarterly fall

    Profits for US companies are expected to decline over two consecutive quarters for the first time in six years as analystsMichael Mackenzie

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    Tokyo’s children could find their voice if noise ban is reformed

    By law they should be seen and not heard, but Tokyo children may soon find their voices as the city rethinks rules demandingRobin Harding in Tokyo

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    Struggle to pierce wall of silence on Russian casualties in Ukraine

    When Sasha entered the room, he was told to strip and bend down. “Look how nice and healthy!” said the middle-aged woman asKathrin Hille and Neil Buckley in Moscow

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    Chocolate lovers face a stark choice

    Bad news for chocolate lovers. Pay more for your chocolate or risk watching your favourite product disappear from theEmiko Terazono

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    Vodafone offers equal global maternity leave

    Vodafone has become one of the first multinational companies to offer new mothers equal minimum maternity leave across theNaomi Rovnick

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    Thai temple’s lift-off triggers clash over monks and money

    Thailand’s Dhammakaya temple: the Makha Bucha ceremony An army of miniature golden Buddhas on the Dhammakaya temple’s domedMichael Peel in Bangkok

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