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    Facebook muscles in on YouTube territory

    Facebook is muscling further into YouTube’s territory with a trial to share advertising revenue with video creators whoHannah Kuchler in San Francisco

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    NHS medicines to be labelled with price

    A price tag will be stamped on medicines, with the slogan “Funded by the UK taxpayer”, under a plan to cut waste in theAndrew Ward, Pharmaceuticals Correspondent

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    US payroll report tipped to show gain of 230,000

    More than half a decade after the unemployment rate hit 10 per cent, the US is edging closer to full employment. The joblessSam Fleming in Washington

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    Tories to publish ‘English votes for English laws’ plan

    The Conservatives will publish plans on Thursday to restrict the voting rights of Scottish MPs in the House Commons onKiran Stacey, Political Correspondent

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    A prison ID in one hand — and a CFO award in the other

    Former Enron chief financial officer Andrew Fastow says that following accounting rules to the letter contributed to theDavid Sheppard

  3. Gideon Rachman



    Terror attacks hit Tunisia's economy

    Last week saw the second deadly attack on Western tourists in Tunisia in four months, dealing a severe blow to the industry9m 51secs

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    Alexis Tsipras defiant as Greece lurches to the brink

    Alexis Tsipras’s country is nearly bankrupt and he has lost the support of almost all his European partners. Yet the GreekKerin Hope in Athens

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    The future of news: Stop the presses!

    The internet era has not been kind to newspaper publishers. It has almost killed classified advertising, accelerated aMatthew Garrahan and Hannah Kuchler

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    Shell justifies £55bn BG Group deal

    Ben van Beurden, Royal Dutch Shell chief executive, talks to the FT’s Chris Adams about the company’s proposed takeover of5m 15secs

  7. FT Photo Diary



    Lake Zurich

    People swim during the annual public Lake Zurich crossing swimming event in Zurich   Annabel Cook

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