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    Russia acts to steady rouble by raising rates to 9.5%

    Russia’s central bank has raised its key interest rate by 150 basis points to 9.5 per cent in an attempt to stem the steadyCourtney Weaver in Moscow

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    Food 2.0: the future of what we eat

    The burger on the hotplate in front of me is sizzling like meat. The patty is browning like meat and gives off a beefyTim Bradshaw

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    Silicon valley: start-up founders under pressure

    Weekdays at 5.30am or sometimes earlier, Ryan Hoover rolls out of bed in San Francisco and starts to worry. His start-up,Sarah Mishkin

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    Silicon Valley: 25 to watch

    01. Instacart Grocery delivery service Silicon Valley Special A new Page What will Google chief Larry Page do next?

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    Artificial intelligence: machine v man

    The scene in the cramped office in Berkeley on a recent Saturday feels like a typical start-up carried along by the techRichard Waters

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    Yen near 7-year low after Bank of Japan expands easing programme

    The yen fell to a near seven-year low against the dollar after the Bank of Japan’s unexpected decision to open its monetaryNeil Dennis

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    The Valley

    I’ve found that if you ask most anyone to locate Silicon Valley on a globe, they pause for about 15 seconds, say umm, andDouglas Coupland

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    Japan pension fund commits to big switch to stocks

    A long-awaited overhaul of Japan’s national pension fund surpassed investors’ expectations on Friday, as the world’s largestBen McLannahan in Tokyo

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    For proper outrage, forget pop or hip-hop – head for the opera

    ...for Walmart to stock. “Parental advisory” stickers spread like a nervous rash over albums by acts from Prince to Guns N’ Roses: Walmart refused to stock those, too. Meanwhile Rolling Stone named Sinéad O’Connor “artist of the year...Ludovic Hunter-Tilney

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    Karim Seghir, American University of Cairo

    For Karim Seghir, being dean of a business school is about much more than teaching the finer details of company spreadsheetsDella Bradshaw

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