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    Holyrood rejects assisted suicide bill

    Scotland’s parliament resoundingly rejected a bill to allow assisted suicide at its first stage of debate. The vote was aMure Dickie in Edinburgh

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    EU support of Greek banks fails to stop impetus for Grexit

    Sir, Wolfgang Münchau suggests that if the joint eurozone states were to take over the Greek commercial banks, Greece could

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    Putin’s role in Ukraine crisis grossly exaggerated

    Sir, You are right that “America’s outreach to Moscow is justified” (Editorial, May 26), but your longstanding view that the

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    More Fed stimulus should be order of the day

    Sir, In regard to the US Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen’s desire to raise overnight interest rates in order to head off

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    Give Brussels credit for curbs on market abuse

    Sir, It is indeed good news that UK regulators are to take tough action including banning individuals for misconduct for

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    Bankers, not shareholders, must pay for rule-breaking

    Sir, You published a letter from me in January 2014 querying why shareholders, rather than the guilty parties, should be

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    Carmaker must create new role for 21st century

    Sir, In Andy Sharman’s report on Sergio Marchionne’s plea for consolidation in the car industry (News, May 26), Mr

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    Fix referendum anomaly facing EU citizens in UK

    Sir, I am disappointed that the UK government proposes to exclude EU citizens other than UK residents from Ireland, Malta

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    Brit with no vote on Brexit

    Sir, I am a Brit who has lived in Germany for almost 40 years. I came over after the last referendum, when we voted to be

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    EU economies expand for first time since the financial crisis

    All the economies of European Union member states are set to expand this year for the first time since the financial crisisHenry Foy in Warsaw and Claire Jones in Frankfurt

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