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    Quindell: deal breakdown a la Pangloss

    Apparent contradictions litter the path that Quindell treads as profusely as rose petals beneath the feet of a May queen. In By Jonathan Guthrie

  2. Business Blog



    Del Vecchio stepping in is a step back for Luxottica

    Leonardo Del Vecchio: out with the new, in with the old? (Photo: Paolo Bona) I’m annoyed with Leonardo Del Vecchio, founder Andrew Hill

  3. NEW


    The way to travel to university

    The luxury student industry this week reached a new high. Or low, perhaps. From this month, wealthy teenagers moving to By Adam Palin

  1. NEW


    Eric Cantor to receive $1.4m sign-on bonus from Moelis

    A key former Republican leader will receive a $1.4m sign-on bonus and at least $2m in annual pay after being enlisted by By Daniel Schäfer in London

  2. NEW


    Brussels urged to resolve delay over trade rules definition

    Commodity industry groups have urged Brussels to resolve a long-running delay over their definition of off-exchange By Philip Stafford

  3. FT Photo Diary



    Underwater in Palau

    Richard W. Brooks/AFP/Getty A grey reef shark is seen riding the incoming tide, to conserve energy, at Blue Corner, off Annabel Cook

  4. NEW


    The next problem: stalled internship

    I’m on an internship at a start-up accelerator of a big German company, but two months in I have nothing to do. I’m meant to By Lucy Kellaway

  5. beyondbrics



    Guest post: UK investors dive into Indian debt

    By Ian Dixon of Investec Following his government’s first budget there has been much debate about the amount of change guest writer

  6. Off Message



    A pollster rethinks the Scottish referendum

    “Scotland will vote to remain in the United Kingdom, and by a decisive enough margin to settle the matter for many years to John McDermott

  7. NEW


    Lib Dems oppose UK airport expansion

    Business hopes for a new runway at Heathrow will be dealt a blow when the Liberal Democrats announce on Wednesday that they By Jim Pickard, Chief Political Correspondent

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