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    Pope Francis takes on the Catholic bureaucracy

    When Pope Francis moved out of the papal apartments into a priestly commune upon ascending to the throne of St Peter last

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    The short-term oil price play of Saudi Arabia

    As oil prices have plunged over the past six months, several analysts have noted that Saudi Arabia seemed to be flailing

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    Concha tops UK’s share rise leader board

    First, an apology. The FT until now has failed to mention what looks certain to be London’s best equity investment of 2014 —Bryce Elder

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    Oil price collapse stokes financial crises in producing countries

    The most significant development in the world economy in 2014 was the collapse in the price of oil. The near-50 per centEd Crooks in New York

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    Christmas returns: where’s the jingle?

    Dear Santa, Thank you for the gifts. The vintage wooden doll is promising, if musty. As an asset class, dolls returned 12

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    Braced for all-out cyber warfare in the year of the hack

    Is cyber insecurity gnawing at you? After a spate of online attacks that makes 2014 a candidate for year of the hack, thisRichard Waters

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    Ecommerce model proves difficult to drive

    “Well, in those days, one had to telephone a room inside a building and hope that, at the very same moment, the person withMatthew Vincent

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    Bank settlements hit $56bn in most expensive year on record

    This has been a record year for the world’s banks. But not in the way they would have liked. The total amount they have paidMartin Arnold in London

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    Big pharma cashes in as M&A fever sweeps sector

    It was a big year for big pharma as a succession of multibillion-dollar mergers and acquisitions swept the industry. MoreAndrew Ward in London

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    Star fund manager of 2013 falls to earth in 2014

    One of the hottest mutual fund managers of recent years crashed to earth in 2014, after his bets on rising inflation turnedStephen Foley in New York

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