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    No FBI agent could write this column

    The trick of writing a column is to begin with something sexy that grabs the reader’s attention. If I worked for one ofGary Silverman

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    Sanofi chairman to roll sleeves up again after chief’s ousting

    When Serge Weinberg started as Sanofi chairman in 2010, the French pharmaceuticals company looked to be hitting its stride.Adam Thomson in Paris

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    The new country of Facebook

    Sitting in his home in San Francisco’s Nob Hill, arachnophobe Tim Suzman is watching a virtual spider creep across a virtualHannah Kuchler

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    Silicon Valley: what every female founder needs to know

    Outside the British Consul’s house in San Francisco is a palm tree and a giant sign proclaiming “Technology is Great”, withCaroline Daniel

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    FT interview with Google co-founder and CEO Larry Page

    Wouldn’t the world be a happier place if 90 per cent of the people with jobs put their feet up instead and left the robotsRichard Waters

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    Russia acts to steady rouble by raising rates to 9.5%

    Russia’s central bank has raised its key interest rate by 150 basis points to 9.5 per cent in an attempt to stem the steadyCourtney Weaver in Moscow

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    Food 2.0: the future of what we eat

    The burger on the hotplate in front of me is sizzling like meat. The patty is browning like meat and gives off a beefyTim Bradshaw

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    Silicon valley: start-up founders under pressure

    Weekdays at 5.30am or sometimes earlier, Ryan Hoover rolls out of bed in San Francisco and starts to worry. His start-up,Sarah Mishkin

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    Silicon Valley: 25 to watch

    01. Instacart Grocery delivery service Silicon Valley Special A new Page What will Google chief Larry Page do next?

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    Artificial intelligence: machine v man

    The scene in the cramped office in Berkeley on a recent Saturday feels like a typical start-up carried along by the techRichard Waters

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