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    EM inflow forecast raised despite turmoil

    International investment in emerging economies has exceeded expectations so far this year, in spite of repeated warnings byBy Elaine Moore

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    Bank of England moves to curb risky buy-to-let lending

    The Bank of England has requested powers to limit risky buy-to-let lending, tools it hopes will curb future bubbles in theBy Sam Fleming

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    Banks and investors awaken to Catalan independence debate

    The surge in political tensions between Spain and its Catalonia region has fuelled furious debate among the country’sBy Tobias Buck in Madrid

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    The exclusion of Russia from Swift has global implications

    This week, a tiny new milestone was passed on the road of globalisation. The Society for Worldwide Interbank FinancialBy Gillian Tett

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    Prezzo restaurants courted by private equity

    Prezzo, one of the very few London-listed restaurant chains, could be about to go private after it revealed it had receivedBy Roger Blitz, Leisure Industries Correspondent

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    Lagarde warns of ‘new mediocre’ era

    The world economy is threatened by a “new mediocre” of low growth for a long time, warned Christine Lagarde as she signalledBy Robin Harding in Washington

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    Evonik prepares to join wave of chemicals M&A

    Evonik Industries fuelled speculation it could soon be joining a booming chemicals M&A market when its senior executivesBy Chris Bryant in Frankfurt

  5. FT Photo Diary



    Waiting for refuge

    Sedat Suna/EPA A Turkish soldier wearing a protective mask while Syrian refugees wait behind a barb wire barrier to beJamie Han

  6. FT Alphaville



    A gratuitous Stick Internet chart (plus some GoPro news...)

    Just wanted to point out the similarity between Rocket Internet’s experience on day one… And that of Zalando, which kickedPaul Murphy

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    Rocket Internet – Enough fuel?

    Shares in the German ecommerce investor Rocket Internet fell up to 14 per cent on its first day of trading in Frankfurt.3m 43secs

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