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    Parties form consensus on tax avoidance crackdown

    Business is braced for a slew of new anti-avoidance measures after the UK general election next month as politicians competeVanessa Houlder

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    Vietnam: Profitable return

    Vietnam: 40 years after the fall of Saigon Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen is a star in Communist-ruled Vietnam, but she was once aMichael Peel

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    Minority at Westminster not ideal but workable

    Britain’s reputation for political stability might not survive the year. Of all the likely outcomes of the general election

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    Early polls give Centre party Finnish win

    Finland looks set to back a former telecoms entrepreneur as prime minister as voters look to a change in government to helpRichard Milne, Nordic Correspondent

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    A cautionary tale of power, votes and second-class shares

    Four years into the downturn that followed the dotcom boom, two computer scientists greeted Wall Street with a brazen offerChristopher Rossbach

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    David Cameron steps into Tullow Oil’s row with Gabon government

    David Cameron has intervened in an escalating row between UK oil companies and the government of Gabon after the petroleumPeggy Hollinger and George Parker

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    Financial services at heart of UK productivity problem

    Lawyers, accountants and management consultants lie at the heart of the UK’s productivity problem, explaining almost aChris Giles, Ferdinando Giugliano and Sarah O’Connor

  5. View from the Top



    Pension funds chase private investments

    The FT’s senior investment commentator John Authers speaks withMark Wiseman, the chief executive of the Canadian Pension 6m 12secs

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    Feedback: Driven to distraction

    Emma De Vita examined how obsessive checking of social media is making employees less productive in last week’s Working

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    Back to Vietnam

    As the country opens up, Vietnamese who fled after the war and the next generation born overseas are looking to return and5m 3secs

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