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    Science policy: the EU’s experiment

    After six months of uncertainty over the way the EU obtains scientific advice, the European Commission is to replace theClive Cookson

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    Oncology: algorithms are go

    Ovarian cancer is hard to detect early while there is a good prospect of successful treatment, because symptoms are usuallyClive Cookson

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    Ichthyology: the world’s first warm-blooded fish

    One of the first things children learn in biology lessons is that mammals and birds are warm-blooded while reptiles,Clive Cookson

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    Genetics: why we should vaccinate in the winter

    The circadian rhythm, which controls our biological activity from day to day, is not the only internal clock in the humanClive Cookson

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    More exhibitions including Grayson Perry and Richard Diebenkorn

    Images Moving Out Onto Space, Tate St Ives What happens when art works are set in motion? St Ives’ group show takes itsJackie Wullschlager

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    More theatre reviews and previews

    Now previewing The Beaux Stratagem, National Theatre, London Giddy Restoration comedy about the schemes and disasters of twoSarah Hemming

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    Budapest Festival Orchestra, Royal Festival Hall, London — review

    For a moment it looked as though the concert was over. Then the players of the Budapest Festival Orchestra grinned impishlyHannah Nepil

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    Bank of England mis-sends Brexit email to press

    The Bank of England was forced last night to confirm it was secretly researching the financial impact of a possible decisionFerdinando Giugliano, Economics Correspondent

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    EU offers stronger ties to eastern nations - but cautiously

    The EU renewed its vows to strengthen ties with six former Soviet republics on Friday, but did it with circumspection andAlex Barker in Riga

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    Lloyds taps Oldfield to lead retail bank

    Alison Brittain was already a well-known figure when she arrived at Lloyds to head up its retail bank, having held seniorEmma Dunkley

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