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    ECB leak a tonic for volatile Italy

    Stressed financial markets have received another shot in the arm, this time from the European Central Bank – and probablyRalph Atkins – London

  2. FT Photo Diary



    With thoughts elsewhere

    Toby Melville/Reuters Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron (L) attends a ceremonial welcome for the President of SingaporeMarcus Cotton

  3. NEW


    Reform alone is no solution for the eurozone

    Might the policies of the eurozone result in a robust recovery? My answer is: no. Since the eurozone generated 17 per centMartin Wolf

  1. NEW


    ‘Business is held hostage by politics’

    This is the transcript of the last speech by Christophe de Margerie, chief executive of Total, given shortly before his

  2. NEW


    Water: Thirst for life

    With his military fatigues and the holstered gun at his hip, Lieutenant John Nores Jr is a slightly unnerving sight as heBy Pilita Clark

  3. NEW


    Go-Ahead considers foray into Singapore bus market

    Go-Ahead, London’s biggest bus operator, is weighing its first move into Singapore’s bus market, where the government isBy Joel Lewin

  4. beyondbrics



    Brazil opinion poll shows unexpected Dilma bounce

    Like the country’s soap operas, Brazil’s presidential elections have been full of drama, improbable story lines andSamantha Pearson

  5. FT Tech Hub



    Omnicom says digital ads are stealing share from TV

    Television’s $70bn advertising business isn’t dead yet. So says John Wren, chief executive of Omnicom, one of the world’sShannon Bond

  6. NEW


    Uganda turns east: Chinese money will build infrastructure says Museveni

    Uganda is counting on China to provide $10bn to build much of its infrastructure backbone because Beijing offers theJames Kynge in London

  7. NEW


    Europe needs the will to build an energy union

    The EU’s 28 member states face many challenges if they are to revive Europe’s sluggish economy. One of the most important –

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