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    Small-cap Week, November 1

    Chipmaker Imagination Technologies was among the week’s worst small-cap performers amid worries it has been failing to winBryce Elder

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    August fails to register for the French

    Sir, Hugh Carnegy’s dry cleaning travails rang a bell (“A quick skate through Paris”, Expat Lives, House & Home October 25).

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    Quit the EU, see boom turn to bust, and fear of foreigners will fade away

    Sir, David Goodhart (“How to close the door to accidental migration”, Comment, October 25) offers an apparently neat

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    China set to resume its position as pre-eminent global power

    Sir, Jeffrey Wasserstrom, in his review of The Yellow Peril, roundly criticises the “west’s protean paranoia of China” (“The

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    Merchant’s story was as remarkable as that of any modern millionaire

    Sir, In her letter (October 18) about the ancient textile business in Prato, Tuscany, Marcia Pointon refers to the

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    StanChart’s Sands has failed shareholders too

    Sir, Notwithstanding the shabby way US regulators are shaking down Standard Chartered Bank, dealing with regulators in a

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    Canary Wharf Group should support cyclists

    Sir, Timothy Waller (Letters, October 25) mentions his cycle commute from Liverpool Street to Canary Wharf, but may not be

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    Poppies are free; one makes a donation

    Sir, I’m not given to pedantry but I feel I must point out an inaccuracy in Jo Ellison’s article “Poppy’s appeal: Little red

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    If HMRC can ask for back payment, why not the EU?

    Sir, Your report “The long arm of the taxman” (FT Money, October 18) highlighted the intention of HM Revenue & Customs to

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    Get your elementary Latin textbooks out

    Sir, With its headline referring to “female alumni”, your report (October 25) about recruiting alumnae back to their former

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