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    Wheat heavyweights battle for global market share

    An Australian agricultural official asked a pointed question at a recent conference: “Are we at risk of becoming the poorGregory Meyer in New York and Emiko Terazono in London

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    UK General Election: Cameron ‘still fighting for a majority’

    David Cameron has maintained he is “still fighting for a majority” as the election campaign reaches its final stage, but hasGeorge Parker

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    SuperGroup’s sales rebound

    The decision by SuperGroup to have a rare clearance sale and realign its strategy appears to have paid off after the ownerJohn Aglionby

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    Société Générale and Crédit Agricole point to European recovery

    Two of France’s largest banks have highlighted signs of economic recovery this year in Europe as Société Générale and CréditMichael Stothard in Paris

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    Sage Group aiming to build on profit rises with overhaul plans

    Sage Group has signalled it will undergo an overhaul of its business, after the accounting software company revealed strongMurad Ahmed, European Technology Correspondent

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    No, stocks aren't a good inflation hedge. Try bonds (really).

    Stocks are basically bonds where the coupons tend to grow faster than the level of consumer prices. That makes equitiesMatthew C Klein

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    Sales of premium beer boosts AB InBev

    Better sales of more expensive beer helped AB InBev shrug off the overall drop in volumes at the Belgium-based brewer behindDuncan Robinson in Brussels

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    General election: Parties avoid drawing attention to immigration

    On the streets of East Ham, deep in London’s east end, local resident Pat Garrahy wants to talk about immigration. This safeHelen Warrell, Public Policy Correspondent

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    Sainsbury suffers first full-year loss in a decade

    J Sainsbury has fallen to its first full-year loss in a decade after a raft of charges wiped out the UK retailer’sAndrea Felsted, Senior Retail Correspondent

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    Pakistan economy enjoys run of good news

    Like many public officials in Pakistan, a country on the frontline of the fight against Taliban militants, central bankFarhan Bokhari in Karachi, Pakistan

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