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    Door to China’s real investment riches remains firmly locked

    Deng Xiaoping’s historic programme of opening up to the outside world, started in the early 1980s, is also referred to asTom Mitchell in Beijing

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    Unions argue UK rail nationalisation would save £1.5bn

    SARAH GORDON VIDEO ON NETWORK RAIL: httpvideo.ft.com/v/4017774231001 Research into privately run railway franchises arguesAliya Ram

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    Ukip’s first elected MP woos Clacton voters

    Voters in Clacton could be forgiven for feeling sick of campaigning politicians. There have been rather a lot of them aboutKiran Stacey

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    Euro leveraged loans take on American flavour

    “Debating future demand in the teen market made him feel like a drug pusher,” the late Ted Forstmann, a titan of privateJoseph Cotterill

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    The cost of confusing shareholder value and short-term profit

    The world economy needs bold investments: $57tn in the next 15 years on infrastructure alone, according to the McKinseyDominic Barton and Mark Wiseman

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    South Africa’s Cosatu expels Zuma critic in labour shake-up

    South Africa’s main trade union federation has expelled one of its most popular and highest profile leaders in a move thatAndrew England in Johannesburg

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    Comment: Mifid II needs to uphold spirit of reform

    The clock is ticking on the implementation of Mifid II and reforms set to transform the European financial landscape.Michael Spencer, Xavier Rolet and Hans-Ole Jochumsen

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    ‘Magnificent’ Iranian negotiators haggle down to the wire

    In high-stakes diplomacy with the Iranians , nuclear negotiators have come to accept one particular truisim: the hagglingSam Jones in Lausanne

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    Europe urged to safeguard spirit of derivatives regulation

    Three of Europe’s most senior markets executives have written a joint letter to regulators urging them not to underminePhilip Stafford

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    MBA Challenge FAQ

    What is the MBA challenge? The FT MBA Challenge is an opportunity for the next generation of business leaders to make a

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