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    Further reading

    Elsewhere on Thursday, - When the gold standard was really a dollar standard. - “As much as you think of the possibilityDavid Keohane

  2. beyondbrics



    Hello 2015: India, between today’s euphoria and tomorrow’s stress test

    By Saurabh Mukherjea of Ambit Capital As I finish my two-week year-end trip to meet our western clients (around 40 of them),Guest writer

  3. NEW


    Cuba detente is the latest sign the cold war is over

    The US Constitution gives considerable latitude to the president to make foreign policy and on Wednesday Barack ObamaRichard Haass

  1. The World



    Obama - when a lame duck quacks

    When the Republicans took control of both houses of Congress last month, the conventional wisdom was that the final twoGideon Rachman

  2. The A-List



    Putin's limited options to halt the crisis

    Reports of Apple’s decision to suspend its sales in Russia pending a review of pricing occasioned by “extreme fluctuationsMohamed El-Erian

  3. FT Data



    Salmon prices leap 30% ahead of holiday season

    Norwegian salmon prices dipped last week after increasing sharply in the past month — they are still up 30 per cent sinceSimon Greaves

  4. NEW


    China housing market trims losses

    Chinese house prices fell at a slower pace in November, in a tentative sign that the sickly housing market may soon bottomGabriel Wildau in Shanghai

  5. 3 hours ago

    Party like it's 1999

    On a day of wild market fluctuations, the rouble, the dollar and the oil price all ended higher, and US stocks had their5m 26secs

  6. 4 hours ago

    Fed signals send Asian equities higher

    Thursday 06:00 GMT. A few tweaks to the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy communiqué was all it took for investors to regainPatrick McGee in Hong Kong

  7. 4 hours ago

    Shares in Samsung’s de facto holding group Cheil double on debut

    Cheil Industries, Samsung Group’s de facto holding company, doubled its market capitalisation on its trading debut asSong Jung-a in Seoul

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