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    US in sweeping tax inversions crackdown

    The US Treasury has issued a sweeping set of rules to crack down on companies that move their headquarters overseas to By Barney Jopson and Robin Harding in Washington

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    Wells Fargo brokerage arm fined $5m

    Wells Fargo Advisors, the brokerage arm of the US bank, was fined $5m on Monday for failing to stop an employee from trading By Camilla Hall in New York

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    UBS to post €1.1bn bail in French tax case

    UBS will have to post €1.1bn bail to French investigators to cover a potential fine for alleged money laundering, after a By Daniel Schäfer in London

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    US tries to revive mortgage bond market

    The US Treasury has called banks and investors to meetings in an attempt to create a large-sized mortgage bond in a new By Tracy Alloway in Miami

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    Rio and Mongolia close the gap in copper dispute

    The Rio Tinto-controlled company behind the Oyu Tolgoi copper project on Monday concluded a feasibility study for a $5bn By James Wilson, Mining Correspondent

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    French tourist kidnapped in Algeria by group linked to Isis

    A French citizen has been kidnapped and threatened with death in Algeria, apparently by an armed group supporting Islamist By Hugh Carnegy in Paris

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    Bellzone trading halted in fight over loan terms

    Shares in Bellzone Mining have been suspended as the latest twist in Chinese groups’ quest to secure natural resources in By Tom Burgis in London

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    New iPhones: the verdict

    Tim Bradshaw reviews iPhone 6 and the "hummer' of iPhones, the iPhone 6 Plus, and finds the new operating system a 3m 28secs

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    After Alibaba, what next for the market?

    After the world's largest IPO, what's next? The FT's Michael Mackenzie and Vivianne Rodrigues discuss how some companies may 3m 49secs

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    Venezuela: Clorox calls it a day

    Clorox, the cleaning products company, finally bit the dust in Venezuela, announcing on Monday it is pulling the plug on the Andres Schipani

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