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    BlackRock’s Fink blames regulators for move into riskier assets

    BlackRock’s Larry Fink has said policy makers are “to blame” for pushing investors into riskier assets, and should stop By Tom Braithwaite in New York

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    EU slaps down Putin bid to revise Ukraine trade deal

    The EU has delivered a sharp personal rebuff to Russian President Vladimir Putin, flatly rejecting his attempts to revise By Christian Oliver in Brussels

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    Getting the measure of university

    Delivering a great student experience is one of the higher education hot topics. Just like businesses, universities are By Phil Klaus

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    Poland on course for battle on new EU climate change targets

    Poland’s new prime minister on Tuesday set her country on course for a battle with Brussels over the EU’s future climate By Henry Foy in Warsaw

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    New York and London vie for crown of world’s top financial centre

    Seven years ago, a report commissioned by Michael Bloomberg, New York’s then mayor, warned the city was in danger of being By Michael Pooler in London

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    Power of the ‘mummies’ key to Nestlé’s strategy in DR Congo

    Kinshasa’s women traders hold the key to corporate strategy Hervé Barrère is an amiable Tahitian with an easy smile and a By Katrina Manson in Kinshasa

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    IMF calls for shake-up of bank executive pay

    Banks should consider paying bonuses in the form of debt and giving their creditors a greater voice in boardrooms in an By Sam Fleming

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    Greek bonds rally on ECB buying moves

    Greek government bonds are rallying once again as investors digest news that the European Central Bank may include Greek and By Elaine Moore and Kerin Hope

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    Fat-finger trade sends shudder through Japan stocks

    A fat-fingered trade sent a spasm through Japan’s stock market on Wednesday, as a transaction worth almost Y68tn ($617bn) By Ben McLannahan in Tokyo

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    NHS group wins biggest patient services tender

    The biggest contract for patient services to be put out to tender by the National Health Service has been secured by an By Sarah Neville and Gill Plimmer

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