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    Milan Fashion Week: Day 2

    “What I like personally about this collection is that there is no reference to the 1970s. I think there’s been enough,” By Jo Ellison

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    Lotus to cut workforce by more than a quarter

    Lotus, the Malaysian-owned UK sports car manufacturer, is planning to axe more than a quarter of its global workforce as By Gill Plimmer

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    Scots tee off with a historic Yes vote for women

    A historic vote was held in Scotland on Thursday. Following a resounding Yes result, things have changed for ever. After 260 By Joel Lewin

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    Dispute looms over India-China talks

    The FT’s Victor Mallet assesses the meeting between Indian prime minister Narendra Modi and Chinese president Xi Jinping on 3m 25secs

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    Pay pressure

    The middle class in rich countries is living in the age of the stagnant wage. While precise measurements are difficult and By Chris Giles, Sarah O’Connor and Ben McLannahan

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    Blow to Phones 4U debt-for-equity swap

    Plans for a debt-for-equity swap by the bondholders in Phones 4U have been dealt a blow after the retailer’s administrator By Daniel Thomas, Telecoms Correspondent

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    French Connection shares fall despite smaller loss

    Shares in French Connection fell 13.8 per cent on Thursday despite the fashion retailer narrowing losses in the first half By Andrea Felsted, Senior Retail Correspondent

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    Alibaba investors must reckon with Jack Ma factor

    Stock market investors do not often get a chance to back a pure play on growth at this scale. So it will not be surprising By Richard Waters

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    Peter Löscher poses dilemma for his old company Siemens

    After Peter Löscher was ousted from the helm of Siemens last year following a succession of profit warnings, the Chris Bryant – FrankfurtArash Massoudi – London

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    Price of Money, The Albany Theatre, Deptford, London – review

    Price of Money comes with a health warning: “Strong language and scenes of an adult nature” are on the cards and if you’re By Alexander Gilmour

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