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    Malaysia finds 139 graves at migrant camps

    Malaysian police have discovered 139 graves thought to contain the remains of hundreds of people smuggled from Myanmar andMichael Peel

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    Greek default warning, John Nash dies, banking vs boot polishing

    The cash crunch continues for Greece, which has again threatened to default on International Monetary Fund repayments. NikosAmie Tsang

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    India’s shadow banks lend where others fear to tread

    In early 2008, GMR, an Indian conglomerate with interests in airports, energy and roads, had a market capitalisation of moreHenny Sender

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    FirstFT (the new 6am Cut)

    You can sign up to receive the email here. The cash crunch continues for Greece, which has again threatened to default onAmie Tsang

  2. 3 hours ago

    Nikkei advances on trade deficit data

    Monday 04.00 BST. Asian markets rallied in morning trade, despite a negative lead from Wall Street and many major marketsPeter Wells in Hong Kong

  3. 3 hours ago

    Game theory scholar John Nash dies aged 86

    Mathematician John Nash, a Nobel Prize winner whose longtime struggle with mental illness inspired the movie A Beautiful

  4. 6 hours ago

    Week Ahead: Big banks face moody blues but try to stay upbeat

    The mood music from Wall Street banks has been fairly depressed for the past few weeks. Few are expecting a disastrousTom Braithwaite

  5. 6 hours ago

    Investors expect trimming of US growth data

    Even as Federal Reserve chairwoman Janet Yellen said she expected the US economy to strengthen, investors expectMamta Badkar in New York

  6. 7 hours ago

    Banks betray investors as well as financial sector

    Sir, Michael Mackenzie is judicious to put dysfunctional cultural norms centre stage of the latest chilling episode of

  7. 7 hours ago

    Does crime pay?

    Sir, Martin Arnold sketches how banks brazenly fixed forex and other markets to fleece their clients over five years

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