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    Chinese local governments to settle $113m infrastructure bills

    A Chinese infrastructure tycoon who is suing local governments for allegedly failing to pay their construction bills said onBy Tom Mitchell in Shanghai

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    John Nash, economist and mathematician, 1928-2015

    Most academics spend their lifetime craving to leave one lasting contribution to their field. By the age of 30, John Nash,Ferdinando Giugliano, Economics Correspondent

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    Banks warn on new risk assessment models for trading operations

    The world’s biggest banks are seeking to play on regulators’ fear of another flash crash in debt markets to lobby againstMartin Arnold and Laura Noonan in London

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    Sub-zero impact

    Deposit interest rates at the ECB and some other European central banks are below zero. The FT’s Christopher Thompson and6m 7secs

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    Duda victory sends shockwaves through Polish politics

    Before a sea of waving Polish flags and a boisterous crowd of supporters chanting his name, Andrzej Duda heralded hisHenry Foy in Warsaw

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    Taking more care of the growing silver economy

    On a visit home to Britain Robert Hughes, who works in the US, overheard his mother on the phone to a telesales agent. TheAlicia Clegg

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    Iran commander warns of Isis threat to its security

    The head of Iran’s foreign military operations has described the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, known as Isis, as aNajmeh Bozorgmehr in Tehran

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    Colombia’s Santos calls for peace talks to accelerate

    Juan Manuel Santos, Colombia’s ­president, has called for the speeding-up ­of negotiations with Marxist rebels aimed atAndres Schipani in Bogotá

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    Cameron points migrant talent towards the exit

    Seen from a certain angle, David Cameron’s record on immigration is a good one. The UK public has longed for a prime

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    Would you want your boss to know how well you slept last night?

    Some experts think wearable technology – from sleep monitors to fitness bands – could be the next frontier in how companiesRobin Kwong

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