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    US spectrum auction raises record $44.5bn

    US wireless groups have snapped up $44.5bn of airwaves following a record-breaking auction of government-owned spectrum thatDavid Crow in New York

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    Shell bows to shareholder demands on climate change

    Royal Dutch Shell has bowed to shareholder pressure to be more open about how it is tackling climate change — on the samePilita Clark, Environment Correspondent

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    Russia buys record amounts of gold

    Russia accounted for about one-third of central banks’ gold purchases last year as the country spent more on the metal thanBy Henry Sanderson

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    Alexis Tsipras to hold talks in Athens with eurogroup chairman

    Greece’s new anti-austerity government will have its first face-to-face encounter with the eurozone on Friday as concernsKerin Hope in Athens, Peter Spiegel in Brussels and Tobias Buck in Madrid

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    Thai tuna tycoon Dejphon Chansiri buys Sheffield Wednesday

    Thai tuna tycoon Dejphon Chansiri is the latest overseas magnate to add an English football club to his holdings with theAndrew Bounds

  3. FT Photo Diary



    Devastation in Kobani

    A mannequin is pictured at a damaged building in the northern Syrian town of Kobani. Sheets meant to shield residents fromAnnabel Cook

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    The west must tell some hard truths to the Saudis

    When the head of state of a friendly nation dies, it is customary for political leaders to respond with gestures of

  5. NEW


    China: Overborrowed and overbuilt

    The last time China was the world’s largest economy Beijing was a city of about 700,000 people, and its Wangjing districtJamil Anderlini

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    Monarch heads for profit after turnround

    Monarch has hailed an imminent return to profit as proof that its turnround plan is producing results, just three monthsJane Wild

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    EU reforms to break up big banks at risk

    Reforms to break up Europe’s big banks are on course to be weakened by pressure from France and Britain for maximum nationalAlex Barker in Brussels

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