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  1. FT Alphaville



    Camp Alphaville videos: Zoltan Pozsar on the shadow banking system

    Last one — a chat with Zoltan Pozsar (in front of the Faces of Alphaville shooting gallery) on the safety of the USCardiff Garcia

  2. NEW


    Aussie dollar sinks as China stocks slump

    Chinese stock declines contributed to a pummelling of the Australian dollar, plunging it to a six-year low against its USRoger Blitz

  3. FT Photo Diary



    Shrimp haul

    Belgian shrimp fishermen ride carthorses to haul nets out in the sea to catch shrimps during low tide at the coastal town ofChris Batson

  1. NEW


    China fails to stem share market turmoil

    For once, China’s government finds itself looking impotent. Beijing has thrown all but the kitchen sink to halt anJosh Noble in Hong Kong

  2. NEW


    Martin Wolf on the Greek vote dilemma

    Martin Wolf, FT chief economics commentator, and Ralph Atkins, capital markets editor, examine the difficult arguments for6m 21secs

  3. NEW


    Nike co-founder Knight steps down from unrivalled sports empire

    Nike’s founder steps down For Phil Knight, after half a century at the helm of Nike, there is a finish line in sight. ThisLindsay Whipp in Chicago

  4. NEW


    Santander increases stake in US loans arm

    Spain’s Banco Santander is paying almost $1bn to increase its stake in its separately listed US consumer loans business amidMartin Arnold, Banking Editor

  5. NEW


    Slower US bond demand may urge Fed rethink

    The world looks increasingly scary, but US Treasuries, the safe haven investment of choice, have endured a rough few months.Henny Sender

  6. NEW


    Italy fears political contagion from Greece

    Beppe Grillo, the comedian and leader of Italy’s populist Five Star Movement, was so gleeful at Alexis Tsipras’s decision toJames Politi in Rome

  7. NEW


    Uber suspends its POP service in France to protect drivers

    Uber is to suspend a controversial service in France, signalling a climbdown by the ride-hailing company in its fight withAdam Thomson in Paris

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