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    Japan’s pitchers have major league form

    On November 20 1934, in Tokyo, a 17-year-old Eiji Sawamura pitched against a visiting US all-star baseball team. In aJurek Martin

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    Can the EU break up Google?

    On Friday we reported that the European parliament is threatening to break up Google. More precisely, it is likely toHenry Mance

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    Feedback: A third runway for Heathrow

    Michael Skapinker argued last week that local opposition to a third Heathrow runway was less noisy than often claimed.

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    Jeremy Male, Outfront Media: the billboard goes digital

    When Jeremy Male rang the closing bell at the New York Stock Ex­change last Thursday, he became one of a handful of chiefShannon Bond

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    White collar eavesdropping will cure your itchy feet

    I ran into a journalist acquaintance the other day and asked him how things were going. Badly, he said. He had just failedLucy Kellaway

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    Tips on staff productivity from a happiness evangelist

    Although there is a proven link between happiness and productivity, boosting staff levels of joy is not top of mostEmma De Vita

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    Doubt cast on Modi’s quest to find India’s black money overseas

    Campaigning for the premiership in this summer’s elections, India’s Narendra Modi tapped into popular anger againstAmy Kazmin in New Delhi

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    New UK fathers poised to share maternity pay and time off work

    For years, surveys have reported that younger men were keen to take a far more prominent child-caring role than theirEmily Cadman

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    UK parental leave: Q&A

    What is changing? From December 1, mothers and fathers will be able to share up to 50 weeks of parental leave and 39 weeksEmily Cadman

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    Europe-US trade talks delay upsets Italy

    Italy has sounded the alarm over the pace of Europe’s landmark trade negotiations with the US, warning that they are inChristian Oliver and Shawn Donnan in Brussels

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