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    Counter the Google threat with a European champion

    The European Commission’s antitrust investigation of Google is a test of the continent’s ability to reverse the invisible By Evgeny Morozov

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    Iron ore miners: zombie economics

    The trouble with the undead is that they are terribly stubborn about remaining among the living. This makes good zombie

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    Hawkish Plosser to stand down from Fed

    Charles Plosser, one of the US Federal Reserve’s most noted hawks on monetary policy, will step down in March 2015 as By Robin Harding in Washington

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    Royal Mint launches online gold coin trading

    The Royal Mint has entered the online precious metals market with the launch of a platform that allows investors to buy and By Adam Palin

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    Norway’s $880bn oil fund urged to adopt new management model

    Norway’s $880bn oil fund should adopt a new management model that would open the door to investments in private equity and By Richard Milne, Nordic Correspondent

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    Banks hope for ballot blow to Dodd-Frank

    Banks hope that a Republican takeover of the US Senate could provide the first real prospect of changes to the Dodd-Frank By Gina Chon in Washington

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    Sterling’s rebound fizzles as Scotland relief proves shortlived

    Scotland’s decisive vote to remain in the union should have caused sterling investors to heave a sigh of relief on Friday. By Delphine Strauss

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    JP Morgan's Titherington: EMs will never be DMs

    First the good news: the emerging market growth story is intact. EMs will continue to own a bigger and bigger share of the Jonathan Wheatley

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    Welsh first minister supports English devolution

    Carwyn Jones, the Welsh first minister, has gone further than the Labour leadership in acknowledging that England would have By John Murray Brown

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    ECB TLTRO auction, Scotland's No vote and the foreign exchange trading probe

    Patrick Jenkins is joined by Martin Arnold, Sam Fleming and Daniel Schäfer, as well as Huw van Steenis of Morgan Stanley, to 13m 7secs

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