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    Poll blow to Rousseff over austerity plan

    Joe Leahy in São Paulo Dilma Rousseff’s popularity has fallen to its lowest level in more than four years as Brazilians

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    London’s digital start-ups secure record funding

    London’s fledgling technology companies are continuing to see increasing levels of investment, as new figures reveal thatMurad Ahmed, European Technology Correspondent

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    Tech boom makes April Fools of us all

    April Fools’ Day has become a grand tradition in the tech world, with Google in particular pulling out all the stops to showTim Bradshaw

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    Bishop joins effort to restore faith in UK banking system

    Dame Colette Bowe has assembled a diverse board including a bishop, a philosopher and a trade unionist to oversee the taskMartin Arnold, Banking Editor

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    Kraft and Mondelez face wheat trade claim

    The two companies created from the former Kraft Foods were accused on Wednesday of manipulating US wheat markets with aGregory Meyer in New York

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    UK grants asylum to Russian dissident

    The UK has granted political asylum to Vladimir Ashurkov, a Russian dissident and colleague of Alexei Navalny, anCourtney Weaver in Moscow

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    McDonald’s to raise wages for 90,000 US workers

    McDonald’s will raise the wages of roughly 90,000 employees in the US, as the struggling burger chain follows the likes ofNeil Munshi in Chicago

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    Californians told to cut water use by 25%

    California governor Jerry Brown on Wednesday ordered cities and towns in the drought-stricken state to cut their water usageSarah Mishkin in San Francisco

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    Yemen’s Houthi and Saleh rebels tighten grip on Aden

    Fighters from Yemen’s Zaydi Shia Houthi movement and military units loyal to former president Ali Abdullah Saleh moved toPeter Salisbury in New York and Erika Solomon in Beirut

  7. 2 hours ago

    Automation, jobs, and history

    Cardiff Garcia, US editor of FT Alphaville, explains why history offers little comfort about the future of the labour market5m 57secs

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