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    American Apparel to cut costs and jobs as it warns on funding

    American Apparel has warned that there is “no guarantee” it could raise sufficient additional capital it might need to fundLindsay Whipp in Chicago

  2. NEW


    A stealthy route to Grexit

    Iadmire Alexis Tsipras’s sense of humour. By replacing Yanis Varoufakis as finance minister with Euclid Tsakalotos, theWolfgang Münchau

  3. NEW


    Upstream MLPs: Paying dividends

    When an equity share sports a dividend yield of 10 per cent, the conclusion is pretty clear: the payout is about to be

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    Greek vote weighs on US rate expectations

    The turmoil in Greece has further muddied economic policy making waters in the US, as investors pare back their expectationsSam Fleming in Washington and Robin Wigglesworth in New York

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    ECB tries to shun role of executioner to Greek banks

    Mario Draghi is determined to avoid playing executioner to Greece’s largest banks, a role which would almost certainlyClaire Jones in Frankfurt and Kerin Hope in Athens

  3. NEW


    RWE: brown is not the new black

    The German utility industry generates so much more than just electricity. It is also a significant producer of irony and

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    George Osborne’s misguided BBC licence wheeze

    As George Osborne prepares for his first Budget of the new parliament, the chancellor is under pressure to deliver on his

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    Total: Scripping and saving

    A simple way for oil companies to preserve cash in an era of low oil prices would be to cut dividends and issue equity. This

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    Tour operators lead UK equities lower on Greek uncertainty

    Tour operators were the sharpest fallers on Monday as Greece’s No vote added another uncertainty to current trading. TuiBryce Elder

  7. MBA blog



    The annual lawn bowls championship

    Lawn bowls is a sport that can be traced back to 13th-century England. It is steeped in tradition and generally one youOmar Khan, University of Sydney Business School

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