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    Explainer: Why is the euro resilient?

    Greece’s role in the eurozone is now at stake and a “no” vote in Sunday’s referendum could herald its exit. In the meantime,Roger Blitz

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    Lufthansa aims to swoop on growing demand for civilian drones

    Lufthansa, the German flag carrier, is examining possible ways to tap into the nascent civilian drone market, chiefBy Chris Bryant in Frankfurt

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    Further reading

    Elsewhere on Tuesday, - Reversible? Move along, nothing to see here. - BIS drops Greece from the eurozone. - Playboy debatesFT Alphaville

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    New strategy boosts Carpetright profits

    Flooring specialist Carpetright delivered underlying pre-tax profits of £13m for the year to May 2 following a strongStephen Wilmot

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    Willis Group, Towers Watson merge in $18bn deal

    Towers Watson and Willis Group are to combine in an $18bn deal that will create a wide-ranging professional servicesArash Massoudi

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    Ocado in talks with international retailers as profits rise

    Ocado said on Tuesday it remained in talks with international retailers about using its online model, as it continued toAndrea Felsted, Senior Retail Correspondent

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    FT Opening Quote - Ocado delivers

    Wags who said Ocado starts with a zero, ends with a zero and will amount to zero may be eating their words with its latestChris Nuttall

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    Question & Answer: Chris Christie’s White House run

    Chris Christie, the New Jersey governor, will launch his long-awaited presidential campaign on Tuesday at the New JerseyMegan Murphy

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    Bendine’s words fuel hopes for Petrobras

    When Petrobras chief executive Aldemir Bendine presented the Brazilian oil company’s new investment plan on Monday night, heJoe Leahy in São Paulo

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    A vote on the euro, Apple music launch, biosimilar drugs

    Europe's message to Greek citizens is simple: they are voting on membership of the eurozone. A vote against the bailoutAmie Tsang

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