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    Saudis' stance on mediation undermines Muslim institutions

    The conflict in Yemen is a multi-sided civil war rather than a proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia, and that needs to beAhmed Rashid

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    Tories vow to use Deutsche Bank fine to help fund apprenticeships

    David Cameron will on Tuesday pledge to use the £200m paid out in fines by Deutsche Bank over allegations it manipulatedElizabeth Rigby - Deputy Political Editor

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    Two thirds of new UK cars pay no tax in first year

    Two-thirds of new cars sold in the UK now have such low carbon emission ratings that they pay no tax for the first year,Andy Sharman, Motor Industry Correspondent

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    A strange way of measuring US leadership

    Sir, Your view (“The wobbly economic leadership from America”, editorial, April 24) that a US Congressional vote against the

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    Admit it, FT — the single currency has been the most awful mistake

    Sir, Peter Aspden’s story of his father’s romance in and with Greece (Life & Arts, April 25) is laced with the pathos of the

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    Madness of expecting different results

    Sir, If there is any myth in Martin Wolf’s analysis of the Greek euro odyssey (April 22) it is that one should not question

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    China will have to relax its food policy further

    Sir, China’s decision to relax its policy of food self-sufficiency is in the right direction, but needs to go much further

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    Drop a hint or two about France’s 35-hour week

    Sir, Anne-Sylvaine Chassany reports that the 2015 winner of the annual Best Paris Baguette prize, Djibril Bodian, says “he

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    Banks make promises that are too good to be true

    Sir, As Robert Lenzner suggests, banks’ balance sheets are almost works of fiction (“Hidden dangers that banking regulators

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    Make allowances for not knowing its from it’s

    Sir, I agree with much of Michael Skapinker’s excellent article “Why I give ground to the pedants in the battle of I/me”

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