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    Myanmar opens doors to foreign banks

    Myanmar has opened its doors to foreign banks for the first time in half a century, awarding nine trading licences to By Michael Peel in Bangkok and Ben McLannahan in Tokyo

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    The Brics bank is a feeble strike against dollar hegemony

    The new financial institutions announced by the Brics nations in July – a development bank and an arrangement to share By Benn Steil

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    The (early) Lunch Wrap

    Good morning New York, FT ALPHAVILLE Russia defence spending facts of the day: Russia’s proposed budget shows how much Izabella Kaminska

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    Turkey’s finance minister promises reforms to rebuild reputation

    Turkey’s finance minister has pledged the government will set out a comprehensive set of reforms before the year is out to By Dan Dombey in Istanbul

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    MoD cuts £350m from defence contracts

    The Ministry of Defence has shaved £350m from some of its biggest support contracts with the British defence industry as By Sam Jones, Defence and Security Editor

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    Manufacturing recovery in the eurozone slows

    The eurozone’s manufacturing recovery faded last month, adding to signs that economic growth in the region in the third By Claire Jones in Frankfurt

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    Hong Kong’s special status is stretched to its limit

    October 1 is National Day in China, a moment to remember the glorious foundation in 1949 of the People’s Republic by a By David Pilling

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    UK manufacturing activity falls to 17-month low

    Activity among Britain’s manufacturers slowed to its lowest level in 17 months in September, suggesting a rapid cooling of By Chris Giles, Economics Editor

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    Hong Kong family buys in Canary Wharf

    Songbird Estates has agreed to sell one of its Canary Wharf buildings, 50 Bank Street, for £153.5m to a prominent Hong Kong By John Aglionby

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    Supermarkets sweep to bottom of FTSE 100

    Supermarket groups were making eye-catching losses on the FTSE 100 on Wednesday as fresh light was cast on the problems By Michael Hunter

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