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    Sony: pull the plug

    Most of us imagine our deaths as follows. After comforting distraught friends, refusing to complain, savouring the good

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    Arminio Fraga offers Brazil an orthodox path

    Arminio Fraga’s assessment of what is wrong with Brazil explains why he is the market’s choice to be finance minister after By Joe Leahy in São Paulo

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    Symbol of Scotland RBS caught in the crossfire

    When Royal Bank of Scotland unveiled its £335m purpose-built campus in Gogarburn on the outskirts of Edinburgh almost a By Martin Arnold, Mure Dickie and Alistair Gray

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    Spain calls Scottish independence a ‘torpedo’ against Europe

    The Spanish government on Wednesday launched its most outspoken attack yet on Scotland’s bid for independence, describing By Tobias Buck in Madrid

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    Madrid is determined to prevent ‘secession contagion’

    They are too polite to say so directly, even in private. But Spanish officials find it hard to disguise their baffled By Tobias Buck in Madrid

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    The time is ripe for English devolution

    The three parties’ offer of more devolved powers to Scotland may well help secure a No vote in the referendum. It also means By John Redwood

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    Fed watch: 6 things to focus on

    Just like last year, the September gathering of Federal Reserve officials has investors wound up like coiled springs. That’s By Richard Blackden, FastFT

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    Internet on a leash?

    Openness is often seen as a cornerstone of the internet, but as governments act to control more of the online world, that 13m 8secs

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    Ayn Rand’s ‘Atlas Shrugged’ becomes a cinematic charity case

    Has there ever been a weirder film trilogy than the three-part adaptation of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged? A labour of love for Review by Ed Crooks

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    Australia and Singapore sign derivatives data pact

    Australia and Singapore have agreed to allow their regulators mutual access to trading data stored in electronic warehouses By Jeremy Grant in Singapore

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