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    Brighter German confidence helps euro

    There was some respite for the beleaguered euro this week as the brighter elements of economic data from the shared currencyMichael Hunter

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    London’s transport finance chief on his journey to the top

    As head of finance at one of the world’s most congested travel networks, Steve Allen could be expected to have a head forGill Plimmer

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    Argentina accuses HSBC of aiding tax evasion

    Argentina has capped a month to forget for HSBC by alleging the London-based bank helped more than 4,000 Argentines evadeMartin Arnold and John Paul Rathbone in London

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    Meet the Dean: Lars Strannegård, Stockholm School of Economics

    On one level Lars Strannegård is a predictable choice for president of the Stockholm School of Economics, a role he took onDella Bradshaw

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    The Inventory: Chantal Coady

    Chantal Coady, 55, founded Rococo in 1983, selling fine British-made chocolate. There are now four Rococo shops in the UK,Hester Lacey

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    First Person: ‘I’m Britain’s first female beer inspector’

    I learnt a lot about beer when I was running a pub in Yorkshire back in the 1990s. After 12 years of doing that, I went toAnnabel Smith, as told to Kevin Beirne

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    What investors should make of the US midterms

    Forget what you’ve read about the US midterm election. It wasn’t what people say. Understanding why not can be important toKen Fisher

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    Time to bring trackers out of the closet

    Last week I wrote about the mystifying continued existence of funds that pretend to be actively run, with charges to match,Merryn Somerset Webb

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    Black Friday sets tills jingling – for now

    Asda’s Black Friday sale in Wembley, London, was 10 months in the planning. Extra TVs, toys and tablets had been boughtKadhim Shubber, Andrea Felsted and Claer Barrett

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    When drugs do work

    Rachel Hope is an unlikely ecstasy user. Brought up to be fiercely suspicious of recreational drugs, she now raves about theAndrew Jack

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