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    Draghi’s impatience at the slow pace of reform

    Monetary decision-making was prised from the grip of finance ministers for good reason. Leaving such a tool in the hands of

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    Three-quarters of fresh UK chickens carry food-poison bug

    Almost three-quarters of fresh chickens bought in UK shops have tested positive for the food poisoning bug campylobacter,Elizabeth Paton

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    Ashtead hit by US slowdown fears

    Cautious comments from its main competitor sent Ashtead tumbling on Thursday. Ashtead slumped 4.6 per cent to £11.61 afterBryce Elder

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    Abercrombie & Fitch shares jump on hopes of turnround

    Hopes that Abercrombie & Fitch could be turning a corner after one of its toughest years helped shares in the US retailerPan Kwan Yuk in New York

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    Sarkozy ally found not guilty in Bettencourt exploitation case

    A French court handed down prison sentences and hundreds of thousands of euros in fines to several people found guilty ofAdam Thomson — Paris

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    Russia censors discussion of Ukraine role with secrets extension

    Russia has made it a crime to speak, write or broadcast about Russian troop losses in peacetime and about peopleKathrin Hille in Moscow

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    Michael Kors: lack of luxury

    Have the streets of Manhattan lost their trademark cosmopolitan panache? Michael Kors, the “accessible luxury” goods maker

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    Italy: Back on its feet

    Italy’s economy has finally emerged from a bruising triple-dip recession, but any notion of recovery is met with disbeliefJames Politi

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    Timbuktu — film review

    “Important information!” blares the announcement across the desert city. “Smoking is forbidden! Music is forbidden!” TheNigel Andrews

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    The Connection — film review

    William Friedkin famously mistook Spanish actor Fernando Rey for a Frenchman when he cast him as the infuriatingly suaveRaphael Abraham

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