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    Former Portuguese PM José Sócrates is refused bail

    José Sócrates, Portugal’s former Socialist prime minister, has been refused bail and is to be kept in police detention whilePeter Wise in Lisbon

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    Osborne wants to see kids TV sitting comfortably

    George Osborne is “looking very seriously” at extending tax breaks to children’s television and orchestras in next week’sElizabeth Rigby

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    Why did regulators not use Cayman law to identify short seller?

    Sir, I was disappointed to see what I consider the world’s best financial newspaper with the most independently minded

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    Digitally savvy CEOs who are striving to keep bureaucracy at bay

    Sir, Andrew Hill, in “Radical change that starts with small steps at big companies” (November 18), reported on my remarks at

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    Sanctions are no better than a failed drone strike

    Sir, It was good to see John Thornhill join those of us who have been arguing for months that we need to settle with Russia

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    Boris’s outrage at tax bill is shared by many

    Sir, As a US private client lawyer residing in London, I read with interest about Boris Johnson’s outrage regarding the US

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    Cities need to be trusted to invest for themselves

    Sir, If Britain’s economy is to prosper, so must our cities. Across the country we need our urban centres to be fulfilling

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    An image of regret, lament and warning

    Sir, Emily Thornberry’s controversial work of art “Image from Rochester” approaches greatness in its mute obscurity. The

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    Trading should be left to listed companies that will not cause havoc if they fail

    Sir, I do not fully agree with your editorial “How bankers are paid is now everyone’s business”, (November 18). It is the

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    Deloitte to probe BoE payments crash

    The Bank of England has appointed Deloitte to investigate a major glitch that disrupted Britain’s payments system lastEmma Dunkley

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