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    Sunac terminates acquisition of Kaisa

    Chinese real estate company Sunac has terminated its proposed acquisition of Kaisa, the troubled Shenzhen-based propertyPatrick McGee and Peter Wells in Hong Kong

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    Chicago bond sale attracts $6bn in demand

    Chicago has pulled off a successful $674m bond sale after being downgraded to junk by Moody’s, attracting over $6bn ofRobin Wigglesworth in New York

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    Banks named by authorities over Fifa scandal

    US indicts 14 over ‘rampant’ Fifa corruption Fifa officials and the sports executives who allegedly paid them bribes usedGina Chon in Washington and Ben McLannahan in New York

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    In a Blink: salary negotiations

    Negotiating salaries is never easy. Unless you have a headhunter as the go-between, it can be difficult to know at whichCarola Hoyos

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    Anna Cook, head of recruitment, Cern

    When Anna Cook left her childhood home near Geneva to study in the UK, she never imagined she would one day return and workTim Smedley

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    Career counsel: How to hire the best young talent

    How can I best screen young applicants to ensure I recruit someone who will add value and stay with my company? ShaunJanina Conboye

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    How to plan a succession as well as the House of Windsor

    Princess Charlotte of Wales is fourth in line to the throne, after her grandfather, father and brother and before her uncle,Mrs Moneypenny

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    Workplace Haiku: the office retreat

    This week’s theme was “the office retreat”, that awkwardly contrived chance to embrace your work team and new ideas. TheCarola Hoyos

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    Branding offers staff a higher purpose

    As they cruise the travelators and walk the terminals, passengers at London’s Heathrow airport will notice that, along withRhymer Rigby

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    Jawbone sues Fitbit on eve of IPO

    Jawbone has sued Fitbit on the eve of its initial public offering, with the fitness tracking device maker alleging itsTim Bradshaw in San Francisco

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