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    China manufacturing shrinks for first time since 2012

    China’s factory sector shrank in January for the first time in over two years, the latest signal that the country’s growthGabriel Wildau in Shanghai

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    Female fund managers in decline

    The number of female portfolio managers running money in the US has fallen every year for the past six years despiteChris Newlands

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    Defaulted Cuban loans appeal to frontier investors

    The unexpected strengthening of diplomatic ties between Cuba and the US in December has increased the appeal of defaultedMadison Marriage

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    First State’s equity funds post ‘regrettable’ results

    First State Investments has called the performance of two of its equity funds “regrettable” in a letter to clients. TheMatthew Jeynes

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    ‘Dodge & Cox is proud of being old school’

    San Francisco fund house Dodge & Cox has hit an all-time high in terms of its assets under management, but Dana Emery, itsMadison Marriage

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    Liquidity fears loom over fund industry

    The great and the good of the asset management industry no doubt enjoyed their soirée at the World Economic Forum inSteve Johnson

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    The long-term wisdom of the wily investor

    Last week National Grid, the UK electricity distributor, became the largest FTSE company to drop quarterly reporting ofDavid Oakley

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    Barclays boosts sukuk market

    Barclays has given a boost to the fast-growing market for sharia-compliant bonds by including emerging market local currencySteve Johnson

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    UBS and M&G ‘worst performers’ on responsible investment

    UBS Global Asset Management and M&G have been named among the worst-performing fund houses in terms of transparency andMadison Marriage

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    Cyber crime threat stalks fund houses

    Cyber crime has the potential to cause serious damage to the reputations of the world’s largest fund houses, but riskMadison Marriage

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