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    Turkey’s regional ambitions evaporate along with friendships

    “We do not care about being alone in the world . . . What we care about is what our people think about us.” So said RecepDaniel Dombey in Istanbul

  2. NEW


    Phone hacking was ‘rife’ at the Daily and Sunday Mirror, court told

    Phone hacking was “rife” and conducted on a “mass industrial scale” by journalists at the three national newspapers owned byJane Croft

  3. NEW


    Luddites fear humanity will make short work of finite wants

    Lord Byron was a Luddite. The Romantic poet’s only speech in the House of Lords defended the followers of Ned Ludd, who wereWalter Isaacson

  1. FT Photo Diary



    A mass wedding

    Couples from around the world watch a musical in a mass wedding ceremony at the Cheong Shim Peace World Center in Gapyeong,Annabel Cook

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    Ukraine sharply raises interest rates to 30%

    Ukraine has sharply raised its benchmark refinancing rate by 10.5 percentage points to 30 per cent, in a desperate move toRoman Olearchyk in Kiev

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    Israeli pioneers raise stakes in online gambling

    Israeli tech entrepreneur Teddy Sagi holds one of the strongest hands in the online gambling industry and is now keen toKadhim Shubber, Joel Greenberg and Roger Blitz

  4. NEW


    PCH buys embattled ecommerce retailer Fab.com

    PCH, the supply-chain management company, has acquired former ecommerce darling Fab to create a new online store catering toTim Bradshaw and Sarah Mishkin in San Francisco

  5. NEW


    Sir Simon Rattle to take up baton for London Symphony Orchestra

    Sir Simon Rattle is to return to the UK as musical director of the London Symphony Orchestra, ending speculation over theJames Pickford

  6. NEW


    Asia in the year of the sheep

    The FT's Asia editor David Pilling asks two of Asia's leading economists about how they see the region faring in the year of6m 2secs

  7. The World



    Live: Netanyahu's speech to Congress

    Benjamin Netanyahu is making his third appearance before a joint meeting of the US Congress on Tuesday morning inMark Odell

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