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    Timeline: US immigration showdown

    President Barack Obama is set to unveil an overhaul of the US immigration system, setting up a showdown with RepublicansMegan Murphy and Barney Jopson in Washington

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    Bill Gross to manage $500m for George Soros

    If Bill Gross’s departure from Pimco marked the end of the era of the star fund manager, nobody told another star, GeorgeStephen Foley in New York

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    Altice sets sights on Bouygues Telecom

    Altice, the European cable group controlled by billionaire Patrick Drahi, says it wants to acquire Bouygues Telecom,Daniel Thomas in Barcelona and Adam Thomson in Paris

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    Mayor of London caught up in US tax dispute

    Boris Johnson has admitted that the US authorities are pursuing him for an unpaid tax demand. The Conservative mayor ofJim Pickard

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    Fracking debut of Ineos boss points to less gassing and more drilling

    Is there a hard-boiled chemicals entrepreneur in the house? Step forward Ineos boss Jim Ratcliffe. British industry has needJonathan Guthrie

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    Cost of electric vehicles outweighs their ‘green’ credentials

    In the world of cars, green typically means “go”. But that does not apply to supposedly environment-friendly electricTanya Powley

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    Carmakers are looking out on a road littered with hazards

    Imagine driving on a busy road surrounded by speed cameras while trying to programme the sat nav. And then the fuel startsAndy Sharman

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    Connected cars raise privacy and safety worries

    The car used to be one of the purchases that said the most about you. Today, it might be better to think of it as the thingHenry Foy

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    China chooses German partner to build mobile driving network

    A little-noticed agreement, signed on the sidelines of October’s Sino-German “joint cabinet” summit could help determine theTom Mitchell

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    Sleek hybrids are likely to be the future of motoring – at least for now

    Car buyers do not purchase vehicles as such. A mature advertising machine makes sure they are buying associations withRohit Jaggi

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