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    Apple in deal to keep plans secret

    Apple has reached a settlement with its bankrupt sapphire supplier GT Advanced Technologies that would retain theTim Bradshaw in San Francisco

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    Gearing up to go reverse and forward

    Lex discussed on Wednesday the upcoming 600Mhz spectrum auction the FCC will launch in 2015. Not only is the estimatedSujeet Indap

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    ONS: Don’t discount UK manufacturing

    What to do about British manufacturing? There is hardly a politician in the country who hasn’t called for the sector to getEmily Cadman

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    Supercity of north to rival London wins more backing

    The man who coined the term “Brics” has called for the creation of a northern supercity he tagged “ManSheffLeedsPool” as aAndrew Bounds, North of England Correspondent

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    Transport deemed more important than devolution

    The north and Midlands should have their own smart card modelled on London’s Oyster to allow workers to move between citiesJohn Murray Brown and Andrew Bounds

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    ‘Too little progress’ in removing foreign criminals, says NAO

    Ministers have made little progress in removing thousands of foreign criminals from the UK, despite up to £1bn spent overBy Helen Warrell, Public Policy Correspondent

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    Baby boomers spend the inheritance rather than pass it on

    They are the baby boomers who have benefited from booming house prices, improved healthcare and protected pensionerKiran Stacey, Political Correspondent

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    Europe must set a course to decarbonise world’s economies

    Sir, Economists are usually circumspect in coming out together and speaking with one voice. Today we have chosen to unite,

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    Regulators were reckless too – so what should their punishment be?

    Sir, Further on the subject of “reckless bankers” (Letters, October 16): I do feel that Mark Carney should acknowledge that

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    Let the taper run its course

    Sir, Regarding the suggestion by James Bullard, president of the St Louis Fed, that the taper should be stopped: the actions

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