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    Will this be a Budget for the inheritors rather than the workers?

    It’s been billed in various quarters as both an “emergency” and a “bonus” Budget. I’m not sure either description isJonathan Eley

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    Former South Korean prime minister indicted on corruption charges

    South Korean prosecutors have brought bribery charges against the recently departed prime minister and a sitting provincialSimon Mundy and Song Jung-a in Seoul

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    Investors strike off-market deals in Hanergy shares

    Shareholders in Hanergy Thin Film are doing an unusually brisk trade via private deals in spite of the stock beingJennifer Hughes in Hong Kong

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    Sweden takes interest rates deeper into negative territory

    Sweden’s central bank has taken its main policy rate deeper into negative and uncharted territory, citing growing economicRichard Milne, Nordic Correspondent

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    Swedish krona hits 3-week euro low after rate cut

    Sweden’s currency fell to a three-week low against the euro on Wednesday after the country’s central bank unexpectedly cutMichael Hunter and Katie Martin

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    Audience satisfaction with main terrestrial TV stations rising

    Audiences are more satisfied with Britain’s main television channels than they were in 2008, even though the broadcasters’Henry Mance

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    International affairs books round-up

    I contributed to the Weekend FT’s “Summer Books” round-up last week. But there are lots of other interesting titles thatGideon Rachman

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    Albania braced for fallout from Greek crisis

    Albania is bracing itself for the risk that turmoil in Greece, its southern neighbour, will force tens of thousands ofTony Barber in Tirana

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    UK house price growth at two-year low of 3.3%

    UK house prices slipped unexpectedly in June, the biggest single decline in nine months, as the market continued a “gradual”Elizabeth Paton

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    Green shoots in China’s flagging property market

    Chinese housing prices rose at their fastest monthly pace in 18 months, a private survey showed on Thursday, the latest signGabriel Wildau in Shanghai

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