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    Inditex buoyed as first-half sales beat expectations

    Inditex on Wednesday posted a better than expected rise in sales over the first half year, after the Spanish fashion By Tobias Buck in Madrid

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    UK unemployment rate falls to 6.2%

    Britain’s jobless rate has dropped to 6.2 per cent after the biggest fall in unemployment in 16 years, but there is still By Sarah O’Connor, Economics Correspondent

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    Sony, 56 years later

    Sony says it won't pay a dividend this year for the first time since it listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 1958. #yikes — David Keohane

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    Imagination Tech tops FTSE 250 after update

    Imagination Technologies led the mid-cap FTSE 250 after an upbeat assessment of annual revenue targets in spite of currency By Neil Dennis

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    Sky Deutschland boards advise against BSkyB bid

    Sky Deutschland’s boards have advised the company’s shareholders not to sell their shares to sister pay-TV operator BSkyB as By Henry Mance

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    BuzzFeed eyes shift to viral videos

    BuzzFeed may eventually make most of its revenues from videos, its new president has said, underlining how publishers are By Henry Mance, Media Correspondent

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    Scottish independence: Boris Johnson mocks Rupert Murdoch’s hints

    Boris Johnson has teased Rupert Murdoch for his flirtation with Scottish independence, saying the media baron need look no By Henry Mance and Jim Pickard

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    Sri Lanka sees benefits of China’s ‘maritime silk road’ plan

    President Xi Jinping’s talk of a “21st-century maritime silk road” linking China to Europe through the seas of south Asia By James Crabtree in Mumbai

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    Coffee experts fear for Brazil harvest

    Divining the health of branches, floral buds and roots of coffee trees in Brazil has become key to millions of dollars being By Emiko Terazono

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    Junk bonds rally as issuers lock in low costs

    Sales of junk bonds in the US have ballooned this month after a sharp drop in August, as companies with weak credit ratings By Vivianne Rodrigues in New York

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