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    Marine biology: the secret life of plankton

    Plankton — the tiny animals, plants and microbes that sustain life in the oceans — are far more diverse than biologistsClive Cookson

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    Brazilians cut back as downturn hits home

    Brazilian families have cut spending on a yearly basis for the first time in more than a decade as a toxic combination ofSamantha Pearson in São Paulo

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    Shake Shack: diner dilemma

    Shake Shack burgers are tasty enough. But are they really worth the hour long wait that diners often have to endure at its

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    Quizzing with Kevin Ashman

    Question: who set a record score on Mastermind and then went on to become a quizzing legend, winning innumerableSpencer Brown

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    The Inventory: Olivia Chaney

    Olivia Chaney, 33, has been called “one of the greatest voices in English folk music” by fRoots magazine and “a majorHester Lacey

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    ‘I keep the Welsh language alive through bees’

    Welsh has always lent itself to prose and poetry, to music and singing. But it has never been associated with scientificWil Griffiths as told to Helen Barrett

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    King’s Cross to Dalston, by Neel Mukherjee

    I’m going to write about two discrete areas of London. The first is the stretch I always used to imagine as the urbanNeel Mukherjee

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    Dreamland, Margate: photographs of its restoration

    ‘Dreamlands’, by Rob Ball at the Photographers’ Gallery, London For Dreamland, once one of Britain’s most popular amusementAlice Fishburn

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    Sage, Co Cork

    Food and drink have long been two very good reasons for visiting Ireland, if not necessarily in that order. Over a recentNicholas Lander

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    Five of the best: British cheesemongers

    Buchanan’s Cheesemonger This unassuming shop off the Edgware Road only opened last year but it already counts some ofPatrick McGuigan

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