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    Building societies seek review of curbs on mortgages

    Building societies are calling for an automatic review of Bank of England curbs on mortgage lending so they do not become By Martin Arnold

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    US hits at China over air ‘provocation’

    Washington said on Friday that a Chinese fighter jet “dangerously” intercepted a US surveillance plane 200 miles off the By Richard McGregor in Washington

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    McDonald’s names new US president

    McDonald’s has brought back former executive Mike Andres to replace Jeff Stratton as US president as the world’s largest By Anna Nicolaou in New York

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    Week in review, August 23

    A round up of some of the week’s most significant corporate events and news stories. Berkshire to pay $900,000 penalty over By

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    Business voices speak up on risks of Scottish independence

    Opponents of Scottish independence have generally struggled to persuade business leaders to take a stand for staying in the By Mure Dickie in Edinburgh

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    We failed in Syria and cannot afford to blink again in Iraq

    As the full horror of events in Iraq dawn on a seemingly unprepared international community, the spectre of last August’s By Liam Fox

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    MBAs must focus on urban explosion

    In the next 35 years, more than 2bn rural people will move to cities. Reuben Abraham, chief executive of India’s IFDC By

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    The dawning of a golden age for MBA recruitment

    There are signs that slowly but surely there is a solid recovery in the MBA jobs market. So let me now make an By Tony Somers

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    Martin Amis on Hitler and the nature of evil

    As disseminators of death, the three great tyrants of the 20th century can claim rough equivalence. But Hitler stands alone

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    ‘Italian Venice: A History’, by RJB Bosworth

    Does Venice belong to the Venetians, Italy or the world? Throughout modern times, the city has wrestled with this conundrum. Review by Christopher Silvester

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