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    Bain Capital snaps up TI Automotive

    US private equity firm Bain Capital has acquired another piece of Britain’s industrial heritage, sealing a deal for carAndy Sharman in London and James Fontanella-Khan in New York

  2. FT Tech Hub



    Apple's holiday quarter results - live

    Expectations are high for Apple as it publishes its first-quarter earnings, with analysts forecasting that it sold more thanTim Bradshaw

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    Beware of Greeks remitting cash overseas

    Shares in all four of the big Greek banks were down more than 10 per cent for a second day on Tuesday, following the

  1. FT Photo Diary



    Beating retreat

    India’s Border Security Force (BSF) soldiers ride their camels as they rehearse for the “Beating Retreat” ceremony in NewChris Batson

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    Lex in-depth: Glut feeling

    Lex in-depth: oil The sideways years Hindsight is sharpest after a crash. Of course US shale production scared the SaudisAlan Livsey and Robert Armstrong

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    Osborne claims high ground as GDP rises

    Britain’s economy grew 2.6 per cent in 2014, its fastest rate since the financial crisis, stoking Conservative confidence asGeorge Parker and Emily Cadman

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    Strong demand for Tunisia’s $1bn bond

    Tunisia’s transition to democratic stability was underlined on Tuesday with the country’s first unassisted sale ofElaine Moore

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    Obama rekindles relations with conservative Saudi Arabia

    Nearly four years after the outbreak of the Arab Spring protests, President Barack Obama cut short an overseas trip onGeoff Dyer in Washington and Simeon Kerr in Riyadh

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    Defend Labour’s economic record – the facts support us

    General elections are fought and won on the issue of the economy. And, while pollsters say this year’s general electionJohn Hutton and Alan Milburn

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    Pfizer chief says big acquisition not required

    Pfizer on Tuesday touted its prospects as a standalone company and said it did not need to pursue a big deal, as it warnedDavid Crow in New York

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