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    Punch plan to restructure £2.3bn debt burden approved

    Punch Taverns overcame a major hurdle to reducing its debt burden on Wednesday after bondholders and shareholders approved By Scheherazade Daneshkhu

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    Salmond rallies supporters for ‘exciting day’ on eve of poll

    Thursday will be the “most exciting day in Scottish democracy”, Alex Salmond has told supporters as Scots prepare to go to By Kiran Stacey in Perth

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    State Street asks top forex trader to stay away from office

    State Street’s head of foreign exchange spot trading in London has been asked to stay out of the office following an By Tom Braithwaite in New York

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    Maths and the FOMC

    The dot plot might include two downward pointing arrows to offset the two hawks dissenting from the Federal Reserve James Mackintosh

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    Bug in Apple’s HealthKit hits iOS 8 launch

    A bug in Apple’s new health and fitness tracking software left app developers scrambling and threatened to overshadow the By Tim Bradshaw in San Francisco

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    Milan Fashion Week: Day 1

    Irony is not something that I automatically associate with Italian style. Sophisticated? Yes. Strong? Always. Sexy too – if By Jo Ellison

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    Scotland ‘City of Yes’ is no pushover

    A day before Scotland votes on whether to become independent, Dundee looks like it is already holding a victory parade for By Kiran Stacey in Dundee

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    London Fashion Week round-up

    ...nipple, and long, sometimes see-through black dresses with strategically placed bondage straps. It was raunchy, rock’n’roll, and the first celebrity to wear it will send Twitter wild. The importance of digital was what British Fashion... By Carola Long

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    Playing the odds with Scottish vote

    Investigative journalists have been taught to follow the money since Watergate. When it comes to the Scottish referendum, By James Mackintosh

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    Phones 4U bondholders seek debt-for-equity swap

    Bondholders in Phones 4U have proposed plans for a debt-for-equity swap that would keep the retailer in business as the Daniel Thomas, Telecoms Correspondent

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