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    RT launches dedicated UK TV channel

    Vladimir Putin’s faltering efforts to extend Russian soft power abroad will hit UK televisions on Thursday evening, asHenry Mance

  2. FT Tech Hub



    BBVA looks to US's midwest for banking innovation

    Spanish bank BBVA has struck up a partnership with payments start-up Dwolla as the Spanish group continues trying to figureSarah Mishkin

  3. NEW


    Iraqi Kurd peshmerga fighters enter Kobani

    The first Kurdish peshmerga support units from Iraq have crossed into the Syrian border city of Kobani, the first timeErika Solomon in Beirut and Daniel Dombey in Istanbul

  1. NEW


    Telecoms groups hope for shift in EU regulation

    A lost decade for Europe’s biggest telecoms companies could finally be coming to an end. The arrival of a new EuropeanDaniel Thomas and Duncan Robinson

  2. FT Photo Diary



    San Francisco celebrates

    Robert Galbraith/Reuters A man jumps through a fire along a street in the Mission District during a celebration after theChris Batson

  3. beyondbrics



    Money, and a new fridge, can buy happiness - survey

    People in emerging markets are a lot more satisfied than they were in 2007, according to a survey by Pew Research, withMian Ridge

  4. NEW


    US billionaires uncommonly good at beating campaign money rules

    Double-speak is usually associated with totalitarian states, but few countries could match the suppleness of languageRichard McGregor in Washington

  5. NEW


    The invisible global army hot on the trail of trolls

    From a sunlit room in a small village in Devon, a 65-year-old woman is watching you. Patrolling the internet, she admonishesEmma Jacobs

  6. NEW


    UK court to hear Gaddafi rendition claims

    A case turning on “very grave allegations” against the UK government and its alleged complicity in rendition and tortureCaroline Binham, Legal Correspondent

  7. NEW


    Volkswagen beats analyst expectations for profits

    Volkswagen comfortably beat analysts’ profit expectations in the third quarter, easing investor concerns that the group’sChris Bryant in Frankfurt

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