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    Google turns on the charm in Europe

    Google needs more friends in Europe. That message was brought home with a vengeance earlier this month when the EuropeanRichard Waters in London

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    Google considers shake-up of News service

    Google is considering significant changes to its controversial Google News service to aid publishers that have beenRichard Waters in London

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    Hedge funds short UK asset managers

    Hedge funds have taken out multimillion-pound bets against the shares of some of the UK’s largest assets managers, wageringMiles Johnson and David Oakley

  1. FT Photo Diary



    Against the wall

    British former police officer Swasie Turner abseils for charity in a wheelchair down the fortification bastions of Valletta,Chris Batson

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    Election promises under fire for boosting housing demand not supply

    Britain’s dysfunctional housing market is riding high on the political agenda, with parties responding to voters’ concernKate Allen and Jim Pickard

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    Chile: Copper bottomed

    Black flags hang from the doors of the one-storey red brick houses in Caimanes, a village that lies in the hills north ofHenry Sanderson

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    Tullow reverses on mixed legal signals

    An intraday reversal for Tullow Oil left traders out of pocket on Monday. Tullow shares opened as much as 9 per cent higherBryce Elder

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    Reluctant share rally continues, but the risk of equities remains

    The reluctant rally continues. Investors are buying shares in disgust as they hunt for alternatives to super-low — in EuropeJames Mackintosh

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    Volkswagen bids farewell to a ferocious patriarch

    Volkswagen has long epitomised both the strengths and weaknesses of the German corporate model. The carmaker is widely

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    IDC’s private equity owners explore $5.5bn sale or IPO

    The private equity owners of Interactive Data Corporation, the US financial information company, are preparing to sell theirArash Massoudi, Chris Flood and Joseph Cotterill

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