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    Japan equities extend rally to 7-month high

    Wednesday 04.00 BST. Japanese stocks extended their rally to a seven-month high and broader Asian stocks rallied, boosted by By Jennifer Thompson in Hong Kong

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    Investors tap into IEX fundraising

    Investors ranging from venture capital fund Spark Capital to Las Vegas casino operator Steve Wynn lined up to participate in By Nicole Bullock in New York

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    There’s a hole in your burger theory

    From Mr Patrick Mercier. Sir, The rationale underpinning Gary Silverman’s article “Burger King’s way is no longer mine”

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    Celebrate the benefits of shale and cheap energy

    From Mr Peter Lloyd. Sir, Ed Crooks is surely identifying the wrong “big” question in his article on the US shale oil

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    Beware the forces churning beneath German society

    From Mr Guy Wroble. Sir, You report that Markus Kerber, managing director of the BDI, the German industry association,

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    Dutch finance companies face a serious predicament

    From Mr Aniel Mahabier. Sir, Recently, the Dutch cabinet voted in favour of a new law created by Jeroen Dijsselbloem,

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    What’s the French for croissant?

    From Mr Bradley Lucier. Sir, Your correspondent (Letters, August 26) breathes life into the canard that les Québecois

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    This homage to Catalan is illogical

    From Prof Pablo Domínguez-González. Sir, Josep Manuel Suàrez’s argument (Letters, September 1) in favour of Catalan as the

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    More is more when it comes to fines

    From Mr Harvey Cole. Sir, Gillian Tett says (“Regulatory revenge risks scaring investors away”, August 29) that the

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    US needs Putin’s co-operation

    From Mr Richard Kidd. Sir, Germany’s Angela Merkel and Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko insist that the conflict in

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