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    Zimbabwe president tightens grip on power

    Zimbabwe’s veteran president Robert Mugabe has tightened his vice-like grip on power as his ruling Zanu-PF party gears up5m 45secs

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    In Germany nuclear energy is the exception to the rule

    After the catastrophe that led to its genesis, postwar Germany learnt many lessons. The two virtues it seems to haveEva Ladipo

  3. FT Alphaville



    Welfare spending across the OECD

    The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development has a new report out summarising data from its “social expenditureMatthew C Klein

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    Carlos Slim to be largest shareholder of Spanish group FCC

    Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim will become the biggest shareholder in Spain’s FCC, after reaching an agreement with theThomas Hale in Madrid

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    US financial advisers resist regulators on pensions rule

    US financial advisers and investment providers are battling consumer protection rules they say could disrupt the way moreJonathan Guthrie and Stephen Foley in New York

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    Pope Francis, hot grannies and a Chaka Khan model for Europe

    Pope Francis has used a speech to the European Parliament to warn politicians that their continent was becoming like an agedRobert Shrimsley

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    Opec decides to keep 30m barrel production target

    Members of Opec decided not to cut production at its Thursday meeting despite months of falling oil prices, resulting in aAnjli Raval and Neil Hume in Vienna

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    Chinese market drains Rémy Cointreau

    Lex's Robert Armstrong and Oliver Ralph discuss how China's crackdown on corruption has hit top end cognac-maker Rémy2m 45secs

  6. FT Photo Diary



    Hebron flooding

    Palestinian men try to prevent flood water from entering shops in the old city of Hebron on Thursday as a fierce winterJamie Han

  7. FT Alphaville



    Opec non-cut, the press release

    Those looking to intensively scrutinise and analyse Opec’s non-cutting decision would do well to check out the publicIzabella Kaminska

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