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  1. beyondbrics



    China's loss may be Indonesia's gain in Japan chicken spat

    Japanese fast food lovers: Indonesian yakitori and chicken nuggets may be coming to a table near you soon as Southeast Ben Bland

  2. NEW


    GSK to pay £300m fine over Chinese bribes

    GlaxoSmithKline will pay a fine of £300m after being found guilty of bribery by a Chinese court – the biggest such penalty By Andrew Ward, Pharmaceuticals Correspondent

  3. beyondbrics



    IDB joins voices calling for more, not less, industrial policy

    The best industrial policy, so the saying among some economists and policy makers famously used to go, is no industrial Jude Webber

  1. NEW


    Britain’s allies applaud Scottish referendum result

    Britain’s military, diplomatic and economic allies on Friday greeted the No victory in Scotland’s independence referendum By Tony Barber in London

  2. NEW


    Catalans remain defiant after Scottish vote

    The Catalan independence movement struck a note of defiance on Friday, vowing to press ahead with a controversial November By Tobias Buck in Madrid

  3. NEW


    Relief in border town at Scottish No vote

    Commuters boarding the 7.18am train to Edinburgh from Berwick-upon-Tweed, England’s most northerly town, were pleased and By Chris Tighe

  4. FT Alphaville



    Cult Markets: When the bubble bursts

    This is Jean-Paul Rodrigue’s stages of a bubble chart: This is the price of Bitcoin from the BoE: See any resemblance? If Izabella Kaminska

  5. NEW


    UK financial shares jump on Scottish referendum

    UK financial shares were up sharply after the market opened on Friday following the Scottish referendum result, although the By FT reporters

  6. NEW


    Over $1bn pulled from UK equity funds

    Global investors pulled more than $1bn from UK equity funds in the week before the Scotland poll, resulting in the strongest By Ralph Atkins

  7. NEW


    Scotland votes to preserve the union

    The United Kingdom has been saved, but this is no time for triumphalism. After a bruising referendum campaign, Scots voted By

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    No campaign secure 55% of the vote

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