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    Alcatel-Lucent moves ahead of schedule on fixed-cost cutting

    Alcatel-Lucent said that it was well ahead of schedule in an aggressive cost-cutting programme that aims to return theAdam Thomson in Paris

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    Argentina seeks its own shale boom

    Argentina’s congress on Thursday approved reforms to a hydrocarbons law that are aimed at replicating the shale boom in theBy Benedict Mander in Buenos Aires

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    Poll predicts Scottish wipeout for Labour

    Labour is facing a potential electoral wipeout in Scotland, with a new poll suggesting more than twice as many voters wouldMure Dickie in Edinburgh

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    Soaring costs of competing in the global internet race

    WhatsApp burnt through almost $100m in venture capital money in the five years it took to build a mobile messaging serviceRichard Waters

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    Court rules Sistema must return Bashneft stake to Russia

    Vladimir Yevtushenkov’s Sistema must hand over to the Russian state its majority interest in one of the country’s largestCourtney Weaver in Moscow

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    Thais with a taste for luxury boost struggling economy

    Supercars and spa massages have emerged as unlikely bright lights amid Thailand’s economic gloom as a well-heeled fewBy Michael Peel in Bangkok

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    Lenovo completes $2.91bn purchase of Motorola from Google

    Chinese technology group Lenovo completed the $2.91bn purchase of smartphone maker Motorola Mobility from Google onCharles Clover in Beijing

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    Bristol to become laboratory for smart city of the future

    The underground ducts that brought cable television to Bristol in the 1970s are being upgraded as part of an ambitiousJohn Murray Brown

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    Mr Turner – film review

    Awkward, gruff, bearish, obdurate, with sudden twinkles of redeeming charm. The portrait of the artist in Mike Leigh’s MrNigel Andrews

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    Nightcrawler – film review

    Jake Gyllenhaal used to be the star you least noticed on a movie screen, blandly handsome, scant of mannerisms, eclipsed byNigel Andrews

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