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    Lex in-depth: Universal banks

    Universal banks It was a cruel moment. A barb from a direct competitor at a sensitive time. As JPMorgan Chase was preparingOliver Ralph

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    The great American disconnect

    If you believe history is yet to come, the United States is still the place to be. Only in America can you find peopleEdward Luce

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    Greece struggles to accommodate lenders as cash dwindles

    Athens haggled with its lenders through the weekend to try to narrow differences over economic reforms but remaining gapsPeter Spiegel in Brussels and Kerin Hope in Athens

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    Concerns lid on US health costs is rising

    For Barack Obama it has been an economic godsend. With his healthcare reforms under assault in both Congress and the SupremeSam Fleming and Megan Murphy in Washington

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    UK immigration — the facts

    Immigration in the UK has become an increasingly contentious issue in the run-up to the general election in May. The FT’s5m 27secs

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    The real eurozone problems are hidden under the bonnet

    We have hit a phase in eurozone crisis management where we often get bogged down in the specifics. Specifics matter, ofWolfgang Münchau

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    Geely chairman Li Shufu attacks Beijing strategy on car industry

    One of China’s most prominent industrialists has attacked a key plank of Beijing’s strategy to foster a global autoAndy Sharman in London

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    ChemChina chairman hopes for a happy marriage to Pirelli

    Bells ringing from a church next to ChemChina’s headquarters on Sunday morning provided a fitting soundtrack for the group’sBy Tom Mitchell in Beijing

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    Scrap price slump cools hot metal trade

    Rail travellers face the usual disruption from maintenance works over Easter, while many churchgoers will be tapped up forMichael Kavanagh

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    Former director Tim Ingram adds to Alliance Trust attacks

    Alliance Trust has come under fresh attack from a former director who lambasted the company’s “dismal” performance andEmma Dunkley

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