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    Just Retirement shifts focus to survive annuity shake-up

    Just Retirement, the specialist annuity provider which was badly hit by retirement policy changes in this year’s Budget, has By Kate Allen

  2. NEW


    Start-up plays to China’s booming ecommerce market

    When the US National Football League hit a snag sending equipment to amateur American football teams in China two years ago, By Demetri Sevastopulo in Hong Kong

  3. NEW


    Germany skids closer towards deflation

    Few economists see much immediate risk of deflation in Germany but for businessman Andreas Engel it is already a reality. In By Stefan Wagstyl in Berlin

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    Dubai regulator places restrictions on Espírito Santo unit

    The regulator of Dubai’s financial centre has restricted the local unit of Portugal’s Espírito Santo group from taking or By Simeon Kerr in Dubai

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    South Korea to ramp up spending by 5.7%

    South Korea’s government on Thursday unveiled a plan to increase state spending by 5.7 per cent next year, as part of By Simon Mundy in Seoul

  3. The World



    Unflattering account of English proves a hit with Portugese

    At school we used to be taught in history lessons that Portugal was England’s oldest ally (“Please, sir, Treaty of Windsor, Tony Barber

  4. NEW


    FTSE’s Scottish stocks higher

    London markets were flat on the day Scotland went to the polls to decide on independence, but several of the risers in early By Neil Dennis

  5. NEW


    Egon Zehnder aims for boardroom revolution to recognise women

    One of the UK’s leading executive research groups has set out to boost the number of female chief executives of the UK’s top By Kate Burgess and Alison Smith

  6. NEW


    US vs UK - who hikes first?

    James McCormack, of Fitch Ratings, talks to the FT’s Josh Noble about prospects for the world economy against a backdrop of 4m 41secs

  7. NEW


    Margrethe Vestager: EU’s new antitrust boss has steely reputation

    When Margrethe Vestager left Danish politics this month to become the country’s European commissioner in Brussels, she By Richard Milne in Stockholm and Alex Barker in Brussels

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