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    Governing by announcement leaves us all out in the cold

    Government by announcement is now characteristic of British politics. The goal is to make statements that will receive By John Kay

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    An online dialogue of first world problems

    Distraught at the result before me, I raged against the machine. The supermarket’s self-checkout had erroneously registered By Lisa Pollack

  3. FT Photo Diary



    Bed bath

    Muhammed Muheisen/AP An Afghan refugee girl washes a bed in a polluted stream, in a poor neighborhood on the outskirts of Jamie Han

  1. FT Photo Diary



    Field of refuge

    Murad Sezer/Reuters Syrian Kurdish refugees sleep in a field where they spent overnight near Mursitpinar border crossing in Annabel Cook

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    Virgin Media complains to Ofcom about Premier League TV rights

    Virgin Media has called on the UK telecoms regulator Ofcom to launch a competition inquiry into the escalating cost of By Henry Mance and Daniel Thomas

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    Germany under fire over military mishaps

    The German government has been working hard to persuade a reluctant public to back a bigger role on the world stage for its By Stefan Wagstyl in Berlin

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    Hong Kong stocks hit three-month lows

    Hong Kong’s main stock index fell to a three-month low on Tuesday, as pro-democracy demonstrators continued to oppose By Josh Noble in Hong Kong and Michael Hunter in London

  5. beyondbrics



    Serbia's PM promises austerity but cuts are limited

    Serbia’s prime minister has criticised his country’s culture of state handouts and its bloated public sector, vowing to Andrew MacDowall

  6. FT Photo Diary



    Quiet in the financial district

    Carlos Barria/Reuters A man walks along an empty street near the central financial district in Hong Kong. The Democracy Annabel Cook

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    Pakistan seeks $2bn from privatisations

    Pakistan expects to raise at least $2bn by March next year through the international sale of shares in Pakistani energy and By Farhan Bokhari in Islamabad

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