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    Europe’s QE front-runners step up

    European Central Bank arguments about quantitative easing are increasingly being played out in public – and increasingly

  2. NEW


    Number of E Europeans registering for national insurance soars

    After employment controls were lifted in January, the number of Romanians registering for UK national insurance increasedAliya Ram

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    Jean-Claude Juncker regrets failing to reform Luxembourg tax laws

    Jean-Claude Juncker, the European Commission president under fire over Luxembourg’s tax regime when he was premier, wishesPeter Spiegel in Strasbourg

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    Hohn in record-breaking $530m divorce settlement

    Hedge fund billionaire Sir Chris Hohn is set to pay his American-born ex-wife $530m in what is thought to be the biggestJane Croft

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    SABMiller’s Coca-Colanisation of Africa

    SABMiller is no longer only here for the beer. The world’s second-largest brewer has tilted towards soft drinks by helping

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    Greatest Scottish devolution pitfalls avoided, say economists

    The Smith Commission’s proposals for Scotland taking charge of a chunk of tax revenues won conditional support fromChris Giles, Economics Editor

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    The good, the bad and the ugly of emerging market debt

    Emerging markets have endured a torrid year in many ways. A smouldering ceasefire between Ukraine and Russia is threateningElaine Moore

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    Business groups voice concerns over Scottish tax plans

    Devolution to Scotland of control over income tax rates and bands threatens to add to the administrative burden on companiesMure Dickie in Edinburgh

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    Once the domain of specialist hedge fund managers, catastrophe bonds have become increasingly mainstream. Pension funds haveAlistair Gray

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    ECB vice-president seeks to boost inflation

    A top European Central Bank official has insisted policy makers must do all they can to boost weak eurozone inflation, inClaire Jones in Frankfurt

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