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    Greenland coalition collapses

    The government of Greenland collapsed in chaos on Wednesday night after allegations that the prime minister misused state By David Crouch in Gothenburg

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    China to cap local government debt

    China’s central administration will impose hard caps on local government borrowing, its boldest move yet to control By Gabriel Wildau in Shanghai

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    Faraday’s electric bike offers the urban cyclist style and power

    Tesla Motors has transformed the electric car market. Can Faraday, another Silicon Valley start-up, do the same for electric By Tim Bradshaw

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    A thirst for ancient wine and beer

    The “Indiana Jones of alcohol” had no idea his career would turn out this way. How could he? His job did not exist in the By Emma Jacobs

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    European Central Bank leaves rates on hold

    The European Central Bank has left interest rates on hold as it prepares to reveal details of its plan to buy private sector By Claire Jones in Naples

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    From machismo to moisturiser – Korean men get a makeover

    Lee Byung-chul, a 30-year-old South Korean man, starts each day with meticulous efforts to paint the perfect face. He By Song Jung-a

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    Angry Birds maker Rovio cuts 16% of workforce

    Rovio, the Finnish mobile games maker behind Angry Birds, said on Thursday it planned to cut 16 per cent of its workforce as By Robert Cookson and David Crouch

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    GM and Ford face challenge to plot course to profitable growth

    The distinctive roar of high-performance car engines filling the air in Milford, Michigan, is emblematic of one aspect of By Robert Wright in Milford

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    Merkel urges Putin to calm Ukraine rebels as violence flares

    German chancellor Angela Merkel has urged Russian president Vladimir Putin to calm Moscow-backed separatists in eastern By Stefan Wagstyl in Berlin and Roman Olearchyk in Kiev

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    Tui Travel lifts forecast after Germans hit the beaches

    Germans celebrated their country’s World Cup triumph in Brazil by taking to the beaches in large numbers, helping to boost By Roger Blitz, Leisure Industries Correspondent

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