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    Shadow banks push for easing of loan caps

    A band of lenders within the shadow banking system is making a new push on Capitol Hill, seeking an easing of rules cappingBen McLannahan in New York

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    Commerzbank set to pay dividend for first time since crisis

    If all goes according to plan, early next year Commerzbank will pay a dividend for the first time since the bank wasJames Shotter in Frankfurt

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    Marriage vote surprises Ireland as much as rest of world

    Irish people tend not to go in for social revolutions — they prefer to leave those things to the Americans and the French.Vincent Boland in Dublin

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    Feedback: In praise of nursery consultants

    Emma Jacobs wrote about consultants who are paid to get infants into the “right” nursery in a Working Lives feature earlier

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    US Senator Warren calls for hearings into bank waivers

    US Senator Elizabeth Warren and other lawmakers are calling for public hearings on whether banks accused of rigging foreignGina Chon in Washington.

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    Email off: an attempt to demythologise work

    When in 2013, a 21-year-old Bank of America intern died in London after working long hours, Professor Peter Fleming of CassEmma De Vita

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    I would rather shine shoes than be a banker

    Last Thursday, for the first time in my life, I had my shoes shined. I sat on a stool outside St Mary-le-Bow on CheapsideLucy Kellaway

  5. Nick Butler



    The burning issue of German coal

    The conflict at the heart of Germany’s energy policy is finally coming to a head. Can Germany claim to be an environmentalNick Butler

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    Fears grow eurozone economy will never regain spring in its step

    An unlikely buzzword is back in fashion in the top tiers of global financial officialdom: hysteresis. If it catches on, itBy Claire Jones

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    Emerging markets ready themselves for Fed’s acid test

    Just like footballers before the World Cup final, central bankers in emerging markets are readying themselves for theBy Ferdinando Giugliano and Jonathan Wheatley in London

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