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    Persistent Pakistan protests raises fears of military intervention

    Thousands of anti-government protesters were camped across the road from Pakistan’s parliament on Friday, prolonging a By Farhan Bokhari in Islamabad

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    Fast food faces indigestion in China

    One month after the expired-meat scandal that dented the sales and reputation of western fast food in China, office worker By Patti Waldmeir in Shanghai

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    Vodafone leads FTSE 100

    Shares in Vodafone were among the best performers on a lacklustre FTSE 100 on Friday after transatlantic bid speculation By Michael Hunter

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    On wages and inflation: jeers for fears

    We live in disinflationary times, at least in the developed world. This doesn’t mean that monetary and fiscal policies lack Cardiff Garcia

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    RSA plans £130m sale of Hong Kong and Singapore arms

    RSA Insurance Group, which is undergoing a far-reaching turnround, is selling its Singapore and Hong Kong insurance By Nick Wilson

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    US judgment due on Iraq-KRG oil dispute

    A high-stakes dispute over a tanker filled with Iraqi Kurdish oil, anchored about 60 miles off the Texas coast, will come to By Anjli Raval

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    Deutsch-Rückhalte and le malaise français

    With a hat-tip to our friends at CreditSights, check out the starkly different paths of household indebtedness in France and Matthew C Klein

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    Tech race fuels Bitcoin mining bubble

    If Bitcoin is a bubble, it is a bubble that began deflating on November 29 2013. At its proudest moment the price of one By Izabella Kaminska and Stephen Foley

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    Huffington Post to launch in India

    The Huffington Post will launch an Indian version of its news and commentary website in November, in the latest step of the By Victor Mallet in New Delhi

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    Buiter on helicoptor drops

    Some further, further reading on Friday — a new paper from Citi’s Willem Buiter, on why helicopter drops of money always David Keohane

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