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    Afren defaults on $15m interest payment

    Afren, the London-listed Africa oil and gas explorer, has defaulted on a $15m interest payment as it pursues a restructuringNathalie Thomas and John Aglionby

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    Athens faces uphill struggle despite eurozone deal

    The Greek government received a boost last month when it reached agreement with its eurozone creditors on a four-monthFerdinando Giugliano, Economics Correspondent

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    Saudi to press Pakistan for more troops

    Saudi Arabia is to press Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to boost the number of Pakistani troops in the kingdom toFarhan Bokhari in Islamabad

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    Toyota in executive diversity drive

    Toyota has appointed its first non-Japanese vice-president as well as its first western female executive, as it seeks toAndy Sharman in Geneva

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    Boris Nemtsov: What we know about his murder

    Five days after the murder of Boris Nemtsov, the Russian authorities have yet to identify any suspects — let alone make anKathrin Hille in Moscow

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    North Korea hits back at UN rights council

    North Korea’s foreign minister has used a visit to Geneva to hit out at UN condemnation of Pyongyang’s human rights record,Simon Mundy in Seoul

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    Elsewhere on Wednesday, - The resistible rise of Putin. - Coppola vs Hausmann on Greek myths and legends. - When US ratesDavid Keohane

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    Hillary Clinton speech paves way for White House run

    Hillary Clinton said US economic gains were “real but fragile” and took swipes at corporations over executive pay and taxBarney Jopson in Washington

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    Netanyahu's Congress speech, India's surprise rate cut and the ‘anchor baby’ industry

    Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu urged the US Congress to defy the Obama administration and block a nuclear deal with Iran.Amie Tsang

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    Future of US healthcare law hangs on a single phrase

    Since its passage in 2010, the healthcare reform law known as “Obamacare” has survived unwavering opposition fromAaron Stanley in Washington

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