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    Public outrage is the perfect stick to prod HSBC into break-up

    Sitting in his spacious and elegantly decorated office in central Paris, a senior executive at a large French bank isMartin Arnold

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    London is in a world of its own

    In the original version of the film Alfie, released in 1966, you see Michael Caine ambling through the back streets ofJanan Ganesh

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    After Nemtsov: Anti-Maidan movement creates climate of fear in Moscow

    Three days after Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov was slain by at least four bullets in the back outside theKathrin Hille and Neil Buckley in Moscow

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    Merkel set to lose senior adviser

    Angela Merkel is set to lose her top adviser on European affairs, at a time when the EU faces critical challenges over theStefan Wagstyl in Berlin

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    Northern Ireland braces for austerity

    Northern Ireland’s devolved government is facing its biggest overhaul in 15 years as politicians and officials brace for theVincent Boland in Dublin

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    Gordon Dyal to retire from Goldman Sachs

    Gordon Dyal, a former global head of M&A at Goldman Sachs, has decided to retire from the investment bank, according to anJames Fontanella-Khan, US M&A correspondent

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    Academic fills top Philadelphia Fed seat

    The Reserve Bank of Philadelphia has appointed a university chief who has been serving on its board of directors to succeedSam Fleming in Washington

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    Noble chairman increases his stake

    The chairman and founder of Noble Group has increased his shareholding in the commodity trader as it attempts to deal withNeil Hume, Commodities Editor

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    In the Studio, Gagosian Gallery, New York — review

    Not content with running an empire of galleries that stretches across three continents, Larry Gagosian is now competing withAriella Budick

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    LME aims to limit warehouse payments

    The London Metal Exchange has tightened rules for owners of warehouses that store its metal, including Glencore andBy Henry Sanderson

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