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    French business still waits for promised economic recovery

    The recovery is looming, according to French president François Hollande. But in the southern city of Avignon, Norbert ZoppiAnne-Sylvaine Chassany in Paris

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    Monday interview: Thor Bjorgolfsson, investor

    Thor Bjorgolfsson, biker, self-confessed deal addict, “adventure capitalist” and once Iceland’s most bank­able billionaire,Kate Burgess

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    How one office cut down on emails with handwriting

    ●    Karen Blackett, UK CEO of media agency MediaCom, has found a way to encourage staff to send fewer emails, keep on topEmma De Vita

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    Feedback: the deafening sound of an ‘echo chamber of strategists’

    Andrew Hill’s feature last week on the need for new corporate strategy frameworks to suit our fast times, brought back bad

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    Your rudeness in reception may be used against you

    It is mid-morning on a Thursday and I am sitting hunched in the reception area of my own office building. I am trying not toLucy Kellaway

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    Nigeria extends voting after tech problem hits polling stations

    Nigerians anxiously awaited the outcome of presidential elections on Sunday, even while parts of the country continuedWilliam Wallis in Lagos

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    Iran nuclear talks approach crunch point

    With foreign ministers from the world’s big powers descending on the sleepy Swiss lakeside city of Lausanne this weekend,Sam Jones in Lausanne

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    Reformist Modi tries to shake off ‘anti-poor’ label

    Ten months into the administration of Narendra Modi, even some of the Indian prime minister’s ardent supporters have beenVictor Mallet in New Delhi

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    Wall Street banks poised to recover trading revenues

    Wall Street banks are set to enjoy their best quarter from trading in three years after a resurgence in volatility caused byBen McLannahan and Tom Braithwaite in New York

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    Publishers and adblockers are in a battle for online advertising

    Electronic warfare has broken out between internet users and the $120bn online advertising industry. On one side are the adRobert Cookson, Digital Media Correspondent

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