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    War hero Jim Webb joins White House race

    Jim Webb, the Vietnam war hero and former Virginia senator, on Thursday became the 19th contender in the race for the WhiteDemetri Sevastopulo, Washington

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    Dixons Carphone confounds merger sceptics and heads back into US

    When Dixons and Carphone Warehouse struck their £3.7bn merger just over a year ago, there were predictions of boardroomAndrea Felsted, Senior Retail Correspondent

  3. Former New York lieutenant governor Richard Ravitch, and Char...
    July 2, 2015



    Puerto Rican peril as default looms

    Former New York lieutenant governor Richard Ravitch, and Charles Blitzer, former IMF official and hedge fund adviser, debate15m 28secs

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    RAF faces struggle to find extra firepower after cuts

    The admission by the UK government that it would not increase the small number of combat aircraft committed to the fightMark Odell

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    RBS faces $13bn bill, says court filing

    Royal Bank of Scotland faces a $13bn bill to resolve claims it misled purchasers of mortgage-backed securities and may notTom Braithwaite in New York and Emma Dunkley in London

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    UK air strikes against Isis in Syria move closer

    British air strikes against Islamist militants in Syria have moved closer after the government said it was time to considerKiran Stacey, Political Correspondent

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    Chelsea needs new stadium to boost corporate revenue

    Chelsea wants to rule the football world, but its current stadium at Stamford Bridge is only just in the top 100 in EuropeMalcolm Moore

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    BP settlement puts a value on clarity

    Five years and about $54bn on from the Deepwater Horizon disaster, BP is at last close to knowing the full financial cost ofEd Crooks and Christopher Adams

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    BBC’s ‘impartiality’ over Isis upsets UK ministers

    The BBC faced government criticism on Thursday after the broadcaster insisted it had to be impartial when reporting on theElizabeth Rigby, Deputy Political Editor

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    Petrobras corruption losses may be larger

    Brazilian prosecutors on Thursday said that Petrobras’ official estimates for losses it has suffered from corruption are tooJoe Leahy and Aline Rocha in São Paulo

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