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    Scottish referendum: How complacency nearly lost a united kingdom

    When scholars come to write the history of Scotland’s 2014 independence campaign they may conclude the United Kingdom was By Kiran Stacey, George Parker and Mure Dickie

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    How Alibaba turned itself into a different type of company

    It was February 2012 and the future at Alibaba, the Chinese ecommerce company, had never seemed grimmer. Alibaba.com, the By FT reporters

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    Anti-Abacus, anti-BISTRO and anti-balance sheet synthetic securitisation

      Close your eyes, lay back and imagine yourself as a regulator at the US Securities and Exchange Commission (do we have Tracy Alloway

  1. FT Alphaville



    It wasn't QE that caused a collateral scarcity this summer

    The Liberty Street Economics blog of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York provided a good analysis this week of the summer’s Izabella Kaminska

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    Yoshiko Yamaguchi, film star and politician, 1920-2014

    The film producers came to Yoshiko Yamaguchi with their trade’s usual promises of fame and fortune. But they had an added By Jonathan Soble

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    Asda pledges same prices from Perth to Portsmouth

    Shoppers in Perth will continue to pay the same price as those in Portsmouth pledged Asda, the British retail group that is By Scheherazade Daneshkhu, Consumer Industries Editor

  4. FT Photo Diary



    Aleppo rescue

    Hosam Katan/Reuters A man carries an injured child after what activists said were barrel bombs were dropped by forces of Chris Batson

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    Vivendi inks deal to sell GVT to Telefónica

    Vivendi said that it has agreed sell its Brazilian telecoms business to Madrid-based Telefónica in a deal that marks the By Adam Thomson in Paris

  6. beyondbrics



    Brazil inflation: on the up again

    As Brazil’s polling day draws closer, another data point emerged on Friday for the voters’ consideration: consumer price Jonathan Wheatley

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    Sarkozy announces a return to politics

    Nicolas Sarkozy, the man who led France for five years and then vowed to retire from public life after he was beaten in the By Adam Thomson in Paris

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  1. Mure Dickie reports on the fallout from the Scottish referendum
    September 19, 2014

    Mure Dickie reports on the fallout from the Scottish re...

  2. Ewen Cameron Watt on implications of further devolution
    September 19, 2014

    Ewen Cameron Watt on implications of further devolution

  3. Chip Paucek of 2U on providing for distance learners
    September 19, 2014

    Chip Paucek of 2U on providing for distance learners