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    Queen’s Speech: Pledges to employers include deregulation and apprenticeships

    Plans to help employers by cutting regulation, creating more apprenticeships and offering more free childcare lie at theJim Pickard, Chief Political Correspondent

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    Free Lunch: Trans-Pacific opacity

    The danger of old verities Capitol Hill has been agonising over whether to give Barack Obama fast-track authority to submitAlan Beattie

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    Brussels to spend €240m on relocating asylum seekers across EU

    The EU has said it will spend €240m on relocating asylum seekers arriving in Italy and Greece from Eritrea and Syria amongDuncan Robinson in Brussels

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    Sonos chief rings alarm over preferred stock

    Too many leading private technology companies are putting early shareholders and employees at a disadvantage by offeringTim Bradshaw in San Francisco

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    FIFA corruption probe: the key players

    Fourteen men have been indicted by US authorities investigating alleged corruption at the Fédération Internationale deElizabeth Paton

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    Queen’s Speech: List of bills

    Wednesday’s Queen’s Speech outlines the agenda for the new government and is the first purely Conservative legislativeKiran Stacey and Jim Pickard

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    IoD urges investment boost for planes, trains and broadband

    Just days after the Conservative party won the UK general election, some of the country’s top business leaders signalledDavid Oakley

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    Timeline: Fifa World Cup corruption case reopened

    The arrest of high-ranking Fifa officials in connection with alleged corruption at world football’s governing body has blown

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    How four Greek businesses are coping amid default crisis

    Greece’s business climate has worsened as bailout talks between the leftwing Syriza-led government and the country’sKerin Hope in Athens

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    Winners and losers from the startling rise in short-sightedness

    I have worn glasses since early childhood. I often wished I didn’t have to. Sport was difficult before soft contact lensesMichael Skapinker

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