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    CBI president warns against ‘sound bite’ attacks on business

    British business has urged David Cameron and Ed Miliband to avoid “sound bite” attacks on businesses, essential migrationElizabeth Rigby, Deputy Political Editor

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    Businesses push to combat California drought

    General Mills and Coca-Cola, makers of some of the world’s best known snacks and drinks, have called for bold measures toPilita Clark, Environment Correspondent

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    Banks clear first round of Fed tests

    Morgan Stanley, Citigroup and JPMorgan would suffer huge losses in the event of a financial crisis, the Federal Reserve hasBarney Jopson in Washington and Ben McLannahan in New York

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    George Osborne admits RBS error and calls for early sale

    George Osborne says he made a mistake in not radically restructuring state-controlled Royal Bank of Scotland in 2010, butGeorge Parker and Laura Noonan

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    Palestinians threaten to cut security links with Israel

    The Palestinian leadership said on Thursday evening that it had decided to suspend security co-operation with Israel,John Reed in Jerusalem

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    Incoming Tory MPs see Theresa May as next likely leader

    Theresa May, home secretary, is seen by prospective Conservative MPs as a more likely party leader than Boris Johnson, theGeorge Parker, Political Editor

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    Renzi appeals to Putin for Russian help to stabilise Libya

    Matteo Renzi, Italy’s prime minister, pleaded for Russian help to resolve the escalating security crisis in Libya, marking aJames Politi in Rome, Kathrin Hille in Moscow and Borzou Daragahi in Cairo

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    Regulator moves to tighten pension transfer rules

    Protections are to be stepped up for savers planning to cash in valuable pension benefits to make the most of new retirementJosephine Cumbo, Pensions Correspondent

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    Blame feeble productivity growth for stagnant living standards

    In the financial year that ends on April 5, real household median incomes in the UK will at last regain the levels ofMartin Wolf

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    AbbVie wins three-way fight over Pharmacyclics

    A late-night bidding war for a Californian biotech company has taken the value of healthcare deals in the past 15 months toDavid Crow in Barcelona, James Fontanella-Khan in New York and Arash Massoudi in London

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