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    Russia and Ukraine reach gas deal

    Russia has secured an 11th-hour deal to resume gas exports to Ukraine, allaying concerns that Europe would face an energyChristian Oliver in Brussels, Jack Farchy in Moscow and Roman Olearchyk in Kiev

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    Alarm at race to lower corporate tax spurs debate on ethical duty

    The British government has found it hard to resist a damaging race to lower corporate tax, in spite of plans to crack downVanessa Houlder

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    Alternative stress tests cannot compare with those of the ECB

    Sir, It is with puzzlement that we read “Alternative stress tests find French banks are weakest in Europe” (Inside Business,

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    QE has proved a poor substitute for what Keynes recommended

    Sir, Jon Moynihan writes with passion and commitment (Letters, October 30), but with less scrupulousness for historical

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    Repetition does not make claims more convincing

    Sir, it is odd that Stephen Foley’s argument for standardising corporate bonds (“A labyrinthine bond market serves no one”,

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    Net interest margins well within the comfort zone

    Sir, I was surprised to read in Lex (“US banks/QE: out of a comfort zone”, October 30) that investors are concerned about

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    Heathrow is the obvious choice for expansion

    Sir, Your report “Businesses in regions line up in airport expansion” (October 27) articulates the importance of

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    The striking dominance of Silicon Valley

    Sir, The San Francisco Bay Area has 7.44m people according to the United States Census Bureau, or roughly 1/1,000th of the

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    Putin may have made a valuable opening gambit

    Sir, If we considered Vladimir Putin’s remarks last week as an attempt to move on from the cold war rhetoric of east versus

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    Not a word on what became of Lagarde’s List

    Sir, It is encouraging to read the letter of reassurance from Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the Greek minister of administrative

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