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    One jolt will be enough to trigger another financial implosion

    Sir, “A falling oil price is good for the world economy”, proclaims your editorial (December 20); though it is “not a good

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    A large loss but not a financial shock

    Sir, It could only be a matter of time before the banks, derivatives and worse — credit derivatives — were going to be

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    Don’t leave Sony to face the bullies alone

    Sir, The FT’s comments on Sony’s decision to withdraw The Interview from distribution divide rather than unite (“Sony’s

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    Stand up to the hackers — and play into Kim’s hands

    Sir, Your editorial “Sony’s surrender is a setback for free speech” (December 19) might, ironically, be welcomed by Kim Jong

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    Catching on slowly to Abe’s defeat

    Sir, Reading the Japanese online edition of Asahi Shinbun late on the night of Sunday December 14, I wondered how quickly

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    We trust UK banks will rethink their Cuba policy

    Sir, The gradual normalisation of relations between the US and Cuba is to be wholeheartedly welcomed. The US embargo has not

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    Tokenism is Pakistan’s most likely response

    Sir, Shashank Joshi is spot on with his claim that Peshawar is unlikely to be a turning point for Pakistan’s terrorism

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    Archbishop and Pope can bring their churches closer

    Sir, Your editorial “A Christian leader who is living in the real world” (December 22) was excellent and timely; but there

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    SFO gets first conviction of company for foreign official bribes

    The UK’s top anti-corruption body has secured its first conviction against a corporation for bribing foreign officials. ACaroline Binham, Legal Correspondent

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    Theresa May to make third effort to name head of abuse inquiry

    Theresa May will next month make a third attempt to propose a suitable person to run an inquiry into the alleged sexualKiran Stacey, Political Correspondent

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