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    UK audits show signs of improvement, says watchdog

    The quality of UK audits is improving but there is still work to be done, the UK’s accountancy watchdog will say on FridayHarriet Agnew

  2. Tech blog



    Wearables at Work – Day 3: Pitfalls

    What could go wrong? Many things, it turns out, when a company wants to use wearables to track its workers or measure itsRobin Kwong

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    Labour challengers court business in effort to break with past

    Labour’s leadership candidates will take their newfound love for business to another level on Friday, with Andy BurnhamGeorge Parker, Political Editor

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    ‘Innovation map’ reveals wide spread of UK enterprise

    Oxfordshire has the most innovative economy in Britain, while areas such as Merseyside and Teesside outperform London andAndrew Bounds, Enterprise Editor

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    Spending watchdog criticises sweeping UK welfare reforms

    Britain’s spending watchdog has criticised the implementation of sweeping welfare reforms, pointing to unrealistic deadlinesSarah Neville, Public Policy Editor

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    City Insider: Mark Boleat’s Brexit spat ‘just internal politics’

    City of London Corp: Boleat’s Brexit spat With an EU referendum now on the cards, the gloves are starting to come off —Edited by Harriet Agnew

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    Ex-House speaker charged on lying to FBI

    Dennis Hastert, former speaker of the US House of Representatives, was charged on Thursday with structuring bank withdrawalsGina Chon in Washington

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    Nasdaq sued by Swedish competition watchdog

    The Swedish Competition Authority is taking legal action against Nasdaq, the exchanges operator, alleging that its StockholmNicole Bullock in New York and David Crouch in Gothenburg

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    RBS invites banks to pitch for broking role in share sell-off

    Royal Bank of Scotland is gearing up for the government to start selling its shares in the lender by inviting investmentBy Martin Arnold, Banking Editor

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    Google looks to enhancements instead of big new vision

    Google came up short on big new visions on Thursday as its annual developer conference, which serves as its main technologyBy Richard Waters and Tim Bradshaw in San Francisco

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