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    Digital VAT changes threaten fledgling UK entrepreneurs

    A measure designed to prevent internet giants avoiding tax could drive fledgling entrepreneurs out of business, lobby groupsBy Andrew Bounds, Enterprise Editor

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    US growth rising – but don’t bet on it

    Good news! The US economy grew faster in the third quarter than first thought, expanding 3.9 per cent annualised.

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    How Juncker plans to unleash investment in Europe

    It has become the central question facing the EU since the acute phase of the eurozone crisis ended more than two years ago:Peter Spiegel in Brussels

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    National Guard sent to protect Ferguson

    Ferguson burns after grand jury decides Missouri’s governor said he would deploy more national guardsmen to protect “livesMegan Murphy in Washington and Neil Munshi in Ferguson

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    Pro-Brussels Tories begin fightback

    Exasperated by eurosceptic Tories making all the running, pro-European Conservative MPs have finally decided to fight backElizabeth Rigby, Deputy Political Editor

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    Zoopla needs to renovate to keep investors coming through the door

    Barrow-in-Furness has some of the cheapest property in England. It certainly boasts one of the lowest-priced homes on ZooplaPatrick Jenkins

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    Spotify pays more than 80% of its turnover to rights holders

    Spotify’s revenues surged in 2013, but the music streaming service failed to turn a profit as it paid out more than 80 perRobert Cookson, Digital Media Correspondent

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    Russian economy: Buckwheat blues

    “No buckwheat”, said the handwritten sign dangling from an empty shelf at the Dixy market in Murom, a town some 300km eastKathrin Hille

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    Oil nations fail to halt fall in crude

    The price of oil fell by more than $1 a barrel after a meeting between some of the world’s largest oil-producing nationsAnjli Raval and Neil Hume in Vienna

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    Bigger role for peer-to-peer online economy envisioned in UK

    Using a car parked on the side of the road could soon be as simple as taking the Tube, under proposals from the government’sSally Davies and Emily Cadman

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