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    Israel kills two Palestinians suspected in West Bank abductions

    Israeli security forces on Tuesday tracked down and killed two Palestinians suspected of abducting and slaying three Israeli By Joel Greenberg in Jerusalem

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    US corporate bond traders go electronic

    The last bastion of wild west trading on Wall Street is coming under increasing scrutiny from regulators and investors. By Tracy Alloway and Michael Mackenzie in New York

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    Brazilian markets look for Silva lining

    In investment bank trading rooms in Brazil’s financial hub, São Paulo, a calculation of a different kind is keeping dealers By Joe Leahy in São Paulo

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    Jimmy Choo confirms plans for London IPO

    Luxury shoe designer Jimmy Choo has confirmed plans to float in London as the City’s IPO market reopens after the summer By Andy Sharman

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    Alibaba & Hundsun: Not so fast

    We noted yesterday that financial software services provider and Alibaba affiliate Hundsun was suspended in Shanghai. At the Lucy Colback

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    Hyundai Motors workers strike in protest over HQ price tag

    Workers at Hyundai Motor downed tools on Tuesday in protest at the South Korean group’s $10bn purchase of land for a new By Simon Mundy in Seoul

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    Australia’s luck runs out as Chinese economy cools

    It has enjoyed 23 years of economic growth on the back of a China-inspired commodity boom. But Australia’s luck may be By Jamie Smyth in Sydney

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    Mothercare launches £100m rights issue

    Mothercare, the buggy-to-babywear retailer, has launched a £100m rights issue to pay down debt and close up to 75 UK stores By Claer Barrett

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    Tesco parachutes in new finance director early

    Tesco has parachuted in its new finance director early after it admitted on Monday that it had overstated first-half profits By Andrea Felsted

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    Tate & Lyle warns on first-half profits

    Tate & Lyle shares plunged after the food group cut its profit outlook for the half year, citing an “extremely By FastFT

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