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    Rebuilding Gaza

    Palestinian workers remove iron from the rubble of a building that was destroyed during the 50-day war between Israel andJamie Han

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    Downgrade feared for UK export body

    David Cameron has ordered an overhaul of the way the government promotes exports, raising speculation of job cuts at theGeorge Parker and Elizabeth Rigby

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    Sharing economy starts to go mainstream

    The sharing economy is turning out to be many things. They include: a way to turn more areas of human existence into ad hocRichard Waters

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    SNP mocks Evel plans for Commons bills

    The Scottish National party has mocked the government over its proposals to give English MPs a veto over laws affecting onlyKiran Stacey, Political Correspondent

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    Cameron steps up the UK’s fight against Isis

    David Cameron has never been slow to point out the danger posed by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or Isis,

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    Ryanair and Hertz head for courts after car hire deal breaks down

    Ryanair and Hertz have become embroiled in a legal spat after the breakdown of an agreement between the travel heavyweightsVincent Boland in Dublin

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    Make tech’s disrupters fix their own diversity problem

    Silicon Valley is in love with “disruption” — ideas and practices that subvert the established order. So here’s one: howHelen Lewis

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    Fiat Chrysler grilled over its recall record by US regulator

    Fiat Chrysler put its own customers and other drivers at risk by being too slow to notify drivers about faults and failingBarney Jopson in Washington and Robert Wright in New York

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    Robot-related deaths are rare, and becoming rarer

    The killing of a technician by an industrial robot at a Volkswagen plant in Germany sparked a social media storm this weekClive Cookson, Science Editor

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    The Riksbank reveals a strengthening resolve

    Sweden’s economy is one that most others would envy, with a trade surplus of Germanic proportions, GDP growing at a healthy

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