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    Funds and ETFs magnify EM volatility

    Emerging equity markets are taking another lurch. The reasons are well rehearsed: angst about the future actions of the By John Authers

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    Ukraine needs money not arms

    Petro Poroshenko, Ukraine’s president, arrives in Washington to meet President Barack Obama today. His visit is certain to By Eugene Rumer

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    Whitehall prepares should Yes camp win

    The UK civil service has produced a series of briefing papers that will ensure ministers and officials will not be starting By Sarah Neville and Helen Warrell

  1. beyondbrics



    Guest post: the trials of banking the unbanked in India

    By Kavaljit Singh, Madhyam On 28th August, an ambitious programme on financial inclusion – Jan Dhan Yojana (People’s Wealth guest writer

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    Sistema: Yukos, part deux

    “Today, the state, resorting to absolutely legal market mechanisms, is looking after its own interests.” Russian President

  3. FT Photo Diary



    Merkel and Tamim

    Thomas Peter/Reuters German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Qatar’s Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani listen to their national Annabel Cook

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    Apple Pay: don’t bank on it

    Keep you friends close and your enemies closer, advised Don Corleone. Jamie Dimon, a capo di tutti capi on Wall Street,

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    Trian calls for DuPont break-up, citing company’s excessive costs

    Trian, the activist investment fund, has accused US chemicals group DuPont of “destroying shareholder value” with its By Ed Crooks in New York

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    Sony suffering

    Sony has warned of a $2bn annual net loss. Not much of a turnround. Lex's Oliver Ralph and Robert Armstrong discuss what 2m 59secs

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    Sony rethinks smartphone strategy amid mounting losses

    Sony’s decade-long restructuring has already claimed the units that produced televisions and PCs among its victims. Now, By Kana Inagaki in Tokyo

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