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    China housing market trims losses

    Chinese house prices fell at a slower pace in November, in a tentative sign that the sickly housing market may soon bottomGabriel Wildau in Shanghai

  2. On a day of wild market fluctuations, the rouble, the dollar ...
    December 18, 2014



    Party like it's 1999

    On a day of wild market fluctuations, the rouble, the dollar and the oil price all ended higher, and US stocks had their5m 26secs

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    Fed signals send Asian equities higher

    Thursday 03:25 GMT. A few tweaks to the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy communiqué was all it took for investors to regainPatrick McGee in Hong Kong

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    Shares in Samsung’s de facto holding group Cheil double on debut

    Cheil Industries, Samsung Group’s de facto holding company, doubled its market capitalisation on its trading debut asSong Jung-a in Seoul

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    China’s rising interest rates defy easing expectations

    China’s stock market has soared to multi-year highs since the central bank cut benchmark interest rates last month, as stockGabriel Wildau in Shanghai

  3. 4 hours ago

    Chevron drops Arctic drilling plan

    Chevron, the US oil group, has shelved indefinitely a plan to drill in the Arctic Beaufort Sea off the north coast ofEd Crooks in New York

  4. 4 hours ago

    Uber pledges to improve driver checks

    Ride-hailing company Uber has pledged to improves its oft-critised process for screening drivers, and said it is researchingSarah Mishkin in San Francisco

  5. 6 hours ago

    View: How to live with cryptocurrencies

    In July, US computer manufacturer Dell announced it would start accepting Bitcoin as payment for products and services. LessEric Openshaw, Robert Massey and Eric Piscini

  6. 6 hours ago

    EU caps debit and credit card transaction fees

    Fees to process debit and credit card transactions are to be capped under an EU law that attempts to wrap-up a protractedAlex Barker in Brussels

  7. 6 hours ago

    Mobile phone deal will give UK 90% geographical coverage

    Mobile phone operators have struck a deal with the government to fill in partial gaps in mobile coverage in a move intendedGeorge Parker and Elizabeth Rigby

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