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    China and Africa: two way trade

    China has a reputation as a reluctant global stakeholder. Born of years of foreign meddling in its affairs and what it

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    Cash flows back into EU money funds

    European money market funds are set to record their first annual inflows in four years despite investors increasingly havingChristopher Thompson

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    Sony to tighten control of US film unit

    As the consequences of a massive cyber attack on Sony’s US movie studio were unfolding, an eerie silence fell on the group’sKana Inagaki in Tokyo

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    Rangers’ woes deepen as shareholders reject rights issue

    Rangers’ financial woes deepened when the board failed to persuade shareholders to back a rights issue, leaving it toRoger Blitz, Leisure Industries Correspondent

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    Oil fall hits Nigeria’s banks

    Nigeria’s GDP is dipping because of the country’s dependency on oil income. Lex’s Rochelle Toplensky and Oliver Ralph2m 44secs

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    Pope blasts Vatican bureaucrats in Christmas address

    Pope Francis scolded members of the Vatican bureaucracy in a harshly-worded Christmas greeting that listed “15 ills” thatJames Politi — Rome

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    On the edge

    A man known as Marcello Di Finizio stands on the ledge of St Peter’s facade to protest against the so-called BolkesteinJamie Han

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    Oil’s fall may prompt BoJ easing

    It is a very merry Christmas from Tokyo Electric Power. Last week, Japan’s biggest utility by service area said that the

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    Lord Ashcroft becomes independent opinion pollster

    Lord Ashcroft, once notorious for his “non-dom” tax status, has become an independent opinion pollster in one of the mostJim Pickard, Chief Political Correspondent

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    Nigerian banks: losing steam

    The road to town is riddled with potholes and passes through crowded slums. Not a metaphor for life, but a description of

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