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    January 31 Style Stockists

    us.levi.com mrporter.com paulsmith.co.uk apc.fr gap.co.uk etautz.com

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    The unsung pioneers of the information age

    If financial success were the sole measure of business genius, the computer age could lay claim to more than its fair shareRichard Waters

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    Tata heads list of India’s socially minded pioneers

    India — with its many dynastic conglomerates bearing the names of their revered founders — can lay claim to more than itsJames Crabree in Mumbai

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    David Cameron has an electoral ‘mummy problem’, poll suggests

    Ed Miliband likes to say David Cameron has a “problem with women”. But polling suggests that it is with mothers rather thanElizabeth Rigby, Deputy Political Editor

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    Tories would make underperforming schools accept new leadership

    David Cameron will unveil Conservative plans on Monday to force up to 3,500 underperforming schools to accept newHelen Warrell and Jim Pickard

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    Campaign to audit the US Federal Reserve gathers pace

    The US Federal Reserve is coming under the most political pressure it has faced since the financial crisis, as RepublicansSam Fleming and Barney Jopson in Washington

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    Only the leaders have any distinctive ideology or political objective

    Sir, On the subject of Muslim radicalisation in French and British prisons, Tom Burgis writes that in the UK at least five

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    Iran will do what it can to help stop this extremist group

    Sir, All Iranians, and indeed most of our friends in the west, are concerned by the emergence of Isis. Like both the Taliban

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    Maybe predisposition makes entrepreneurs

    Sir, As a recent MBA graduate from the Cambridge Judge Business School, I read your article “Startup costs for MBA graduates

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    Recipe for a proxy war against Russia

    Sir, For Nato to supply weapons — even defensive weapons — to Ukraine’s armed forces would be a recipe for proxy war against

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