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  1. FT Photo Diary



    Typhoon Maysak seen from space

    This image taken on Tuesday shows Typhoon Maysak taken by astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti from the International SpaceAnnabel Cook

  2. Foreign currency reserves in the developing world are waning ...
    April 1, 2015



    Impact of EM’s depleting forex reserves

    Foreign currency reserves in the developing world are waning with potentially big implications for the west. The FT’s James3m 44secs

  3. NEW


    Guardian Media Group to sell shares linked to fossil fuels

    The publisher of the Guardian newspaper has become one of the biggest funds to shun oil and gas companies, saying that itHenry Mance and Pilita Clark in London

  1. NEW


    What Buhari win means for Nigeria

    General Muhammadu Buhari has been officially declared the winner in the most closely contested presidential elections in2m 23secs

  2. NEW


    Nick Clegg at risk of losing seat, says Ashcroft poll

    Nick Clegg is set to become one of the highest profile scalps of the 2015 election, losing his Sheffield Hallam seat toKiran Stacey, Political Correspondent

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    Good Friday shutdown will not be total

    This is a rarity. The US non-farm payrolls report will be released at the end of the week but most markets will be closedJamie Chisholm

  4. NEW


    Blow to reputation adds to Lufthansa’s struggles

    Carsten Spohr looked shell-shocked as he faced the press in Cologne last week. The normally self-confident Lufthansa chiefChris Bryant in Munich

  5. NEW


    Asia forum shows off China’s vigour and homage of its neighbours

    The Boao Forum for Asia annual conference has been going for years, but never has China’s aspiration for a greater role onHenny Sender in Boao, Hainan Island

  6. NEW


    Markets ‘too complacent’ over UK election

    The world’s largest fund manager has warned that markets are “too complacent” over increased political risk from the UKAliya Ram

  7. FT Photo Diary



    Funeral of Mehmet Selim Kiraz

    Prosecutors, lawyers and judges stand near a statue of Lady Justice during a funeral ceremony for senior Istanbul prosecutorAnnabel Cook

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