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    FirstFT (the new 6am Cut)

    You can sign up to receive the email here. Carl Icahn can’t stop buying into Apple. The activist investor described Apple asAmie Tsang

  2. Off Message



    The Scottish National Party and the Joe Biden test

    Okay, the US vice-president hasn’t directly commented on the Scottish National party. But in any analysis of public policyJohn McDermott

  3. NEW


    Gunmen attack Mohammed art show in Texas

    DALLAS — Two gunmen opened fire on Sunday at an art exhibition in Texas featuring caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed and

  1. NEW


    China data downward revision weighs on Asia bourses

    Monday 03.50 BST. A weaker than expected revision of activity in China’s manufacturing sector has weighed on markets acrossPeter Wells in Hong Kong

  2. View from the Top

    4 hours ago

    Unilever chief on long-termism and sustainability

    John Authers talks to Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever, about the advantages of giving long-term earnings guidance over6m 0secs

  3. beyondbrics

    4 hours ago

    Reform is the only answer to India’s growth-inflation problem

    By Shumita Sharma Deveshwar, Trusted Sources A stark dichotomy has emerged between Indian economic data and the reality onGuest writer

  4. 6 hours ago

    Gentrification in London exposes lenders to risky mortgages

    Britain’s most overextended property owners are increasingly found in newly gentrified areas of Greater London that haveEmily Cadman and Caroline Binham

  5. 6 hours ago

    PwC scraps A-level requirement for graduate scheme applicants

    Professional services company PwC has scrapped its requirement for all applicants to achieve top A-level marks, in a boostEmily Cadman

  6. 6 hours ago

    The EU gas market is not the US gas market

    Sir, Pierre Noel (“Brussels blames Gazprom for its own failings”, April 30) fails to recognise that the EU is not the US. It

  7. 6 hours ago

    Cameron and co are unable to admit that they are wrong about austerity

    Sir, Having just read your editorial “The compelling case for continuity” (May 1) in favour of the Conservatives, I find

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