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    It is time for the west and Ukraine to offer Putin a deal

    There is a military saying that armies have to fight the wars they can rather than the ones they wish to fight. It is aJohn Thornhill

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    Carlsberg’s exposure to Russia caps profits

    When a Malaysia Airlines plane was shot down in July over territory in Ukraine controlled by pro-Russian separatists, JørgenRichard Milne in Copenhagen

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    How Adam Smith Can Change Your Life: by Russ Roberts

    As any Financial Times reader can tell you, Adam Smith was the original Gordon Gekko, insisting greed is good – andReview by David Brown

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    Regulatory concerns hold back 3D printing on safety

    On a quiet, crosstown street in Chelsea, New York City, 10 machines resembling microwave ovens line the walls of theRobert Wright in New York

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    GM struggles with first Latin American slowdown in a decade

    General Motors’ Brazilian headquarters in São Caetano do Sul, with its Portuguese colonial style entrance way, opened inJoe Leahy in São Paulo

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    US and Turkey remain divided over Syria path

    Joe Biden, the US vice-president, on Sunday rounded off trip to Turkey in which he sought to bridge the gap with Ankara overDaniel Dombey in Istanbul

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    Japan’s sporting stars have major league form

    On November 20 1934, in Tokyo, a 17-year-old Eiji Sawamura pitched against a visiting US all-star baseball team. In aJurek Martin

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    Can the EU break up Google?

    On Friday we reported that the European parliament is threatening to break up Google. More precisely, it is likely toHenry Mance

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    Feedback: A third runway for Heathrow

    Michael Skapinker argued last week that local opposition to a third Heathrow runway was less noisy than often claimed.

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    Jeremy Male, Outfront Media: the billboard goes digital

    When Jeremy Male rang the closing bell at the New York Stock Ex­change last Thursday, he became one of a handful of chiefShannon Bond

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