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    Free online services come with a privacy price tag

    Sir, As the founder of a social media enterprise predicated on privacy, I am heartened by the findings of your recent survey

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    Russia has taken advantage of Europe’s loss of nerve

    Sir, If the west is a “directionless gaggle” as Sergey Karaganov maintains (“Western delusions triggered this conflict and

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    Russia’s responsibility unacknowledged

    Sir, Sergey Karaganov (Comment, September 15) warns us about abandoning reason, but reason seems to have abandoned Prof

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    Power of energy weapon might be overstated

    Sir, Few, if any, would disagree with Tony Hayward (“Ex-BP chief warns of danger Russian sanctions will choke world oil

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    Reputation for Scottish good sense is a case for No

    Sir, I am a humble Scottish merchant trading in the China Seas. My family has followed this profession for almost 200 years.

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    Vote exposes the mistakes of ‘either/or’ thinking

    Sir, Scottish independence is the story of the moment, increasingly on a global level. Canadians would be forgiven for a

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    ‘Devomax’ offers a Tiger path without austerity

    Sir, The Republic of Ireland has emerged as a country in control of its destiny and with a lot to offer its citizens across

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    Union may be lost to absent mindedness

    Sir, JR Seeley claimed the British empire was created “in a fit of absence of mind”. It seems as if we may be about to lose

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    Need to keep talent not enough to justify big pay, says watchdog

    Companies will no longer be able to use retaining talent as a justification for paying big remuneration packages, the UK By Harriet Agnew

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    Councils at risk with development deals

    Councils are turning to property development to help balance their books in the face of funding cuts, but risk being By Kate Allen

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