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    Venezuela: Clorox calls it a day

    Clorox, the cleaning products company, finally bit the dust in Venezuela, announcing on Monday it is pulling the plug on the Andres Schipani

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    Beware of the Fed’s guidance

    Ceteris paribus is one of the most dangerous phrases in investing. All else equal, higher central bank interest rates are By James Mackintosh

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    Barclays faces record £38m fine over client money safeguards

    Barclays is set to be fined close to £38m for failing to keep clients’ money separate from its own three years after the By Martin Arnold and Sam Fleming

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    Siemens set to exploit US shale boom following pair of deals

    Siemens is poised to increase its presence in the US oil and gas industry and end its involvement in consumer goods via a By Chris Bryant in London and Ed Hammond in New York

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    Cameron pushes for ‘English votes for English laws’

    David Cameron has told his party he wants to introduce laws before the next election to prevent Scottish MPs from voting on By Elizabeth Rigby and Kiran Stacey

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    Tesco in turmoil after profits overstatement

    Tesco, Britain’s biggest retailer and one of its great corporate success stories of the last decade, has been thrown into By Andrea Felsted, David Oakley and Harriet Agnew in London,

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    Tesco sees you coming

    For those who thought Tesco was just an ordinary grocer…. In reality, thanks to the data-gathering power of the clubcard, Izabella Kaminska

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    Investment boom fails to halt 11% fall in Scotch whisky exports

    The value of Scotch whisky exports fell by more than a tenth in the first half of 2014, a decline that will fuel doubts By Mure Dickie in Edinburgh

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    Sanctions scupper Total/Lukoil venture

    France’s Total on Monday said its joint venture with Russia’s Lukoil, to explore shale oil in western Siberia, had ground to By Anjli Raval in London, Jack Farchy in Moscow and Michael Stothard in Paris

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    Rockefeller Brothers Fund sells coal and oil sands investments

    The heirs to the Rockefeller oil fortune have decided to sell their investments in coal and oil in a sign of the growing By Ed Crooks and Pilita Clark in New York

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