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    Women in Westminster: the gender gap

    Nicky Morgan was dubbed the “Stepford minister” when she was promoted to the post of education secretary last July.Elizabeth Rigby

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    Will TV football fans soon be priced out?

    They gather daily in American college dormitories, in west African “chicken parlours” and Syrian militia camps: a globalSimon Kuper

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    Fears gas prices will rise as UK storage cut

    UK gas suppliers could be forced to pay higher prices this winter after Centrica announced that capacity at Britain’sChristopher Adams, Energy Editor

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    Recipe: warm chicken liver mousse

    Until recently, my means of blending foods in my kitchen at home were rudimentary. I own an old, blunt-bladed food processorRowley Leigh

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    Hanoi dwellers mobilise over city’s cherished trees

    Vietnam’s Communist leaders are as intolerant as ever of public challenge as they prepare to mark next month’s 40thMichael Peel in Hanoi

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    China expands Shanghai-Hong Kong trading link

    Chinese regulators will allow domestic mutual funds to buy and sell shares between Shanghai and Hong Kong, in an effort toJosh Noble in Hong Kong

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    China’s iron ore mines keep digging despite losses

    China’s iron mines are churning out ore in spite of losing money in an attempt to retain market share, adding to the globalLucy Hornby in Beijing

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    Protests at Rhodes statue gain momentum across southern Africa

    For years Cecil John Rhodes, the Victorian-era mining magnate and politician, lorded it over South Africa, building anAndrew England in Johannesburg

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    Amsterdam’s Schiphol halts flights after power cut

    All flights into and out of Amsterdam’s airport were cancelled on Friday morning after the Dutch capital and surroundingfastFT

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    Poland to build Europe’s biggest propylene plant

    Poland’s Grupa Azoty is making a $450m entry into the global propylene market, in a move that underscores its position asHenry Foy in Warsaw

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